Top 15 Job Portals in India

Networking and developing personal skills have always been requisite for discovering a quality job. Networking for humans is like a survival process and the desire to connect with others is hardwired subconsciously. With changing times and technologies, job seekers now have more potential to revamp their searches and find the right job.

There were times when people used to circle the classified ads but not anymore. The best tech tools for job seekers are now at their disposal and people are just a few clicks away from a perfect job.

Employees are the greatest assets of any organization. Fortunately for them, they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to hire the best quality candidates. There are numerous free job boards that connect recruiters and organizations to talented, passionate employees who have the great knowledge, skill set, experience, and dedication to steer the business administrations toward success.

If you too have an expanding team, we’re sure a question that must often pop in your mind is – where to post jobs? It is vital to establish a successful hiring pipeline through own self or with the help of modern day solutions like Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to fill important roles with the most qualified candidates. In this guide, we’ll let you walk through the top job portals in India to post jobs and attract top candidates in 2023. Start building your team today and lead them toward growth and success with these great resources!

top job portals in india the top job portal

One of the time-honored and top job portal in India, founded in 1997 and is being exercised by a huge number of Indians. It aids people in not only finding domestic but international jobs as well. A well-refined and eminent job search portal that offers multiple features like resume database, job listings, response management tools, etc.

It also aids its users with expert advice in the premium version for building a quality resume. is one of the best job portals that gets updated daily with job postings from recruiters and is free for all job seekers.

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Implement Zimyo Recruit to post jobs on multiple job boards in a single click at once. top job portal in india is one of the largest and best job portal in India and all over the world. The forte of this site is to uncover and list the job openings for everyone.

A metasearch engine that has become a catalyst by aggregating job postings from thousands of websites and firms. It is famous for putting the world to work and no other site has this many opportunities. Another added feature is the company review which lets the applicants get an idea about the company they’re applying to.

LinkedIn the job portal in India

Making use of online sites may not always be the right way. Instead, build connections, and use networking – that’s what LinkedIn does for you. Not only does it offer you quality job opportunities from all over the globe but it also helps you in building your connections.

It’s an indispensable and a top job portal for searches and recruitment, a renowned way to stay updated with news from varied industries, augment your professional rep and surge your brand value.

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Glassdoor the top job poral in india

This job portal built its reputation from the ground up by empowering the employees and former workers to write company reviews. With time it progressed from listing specific job salaries to authorizing the candidates to post some job interview questions they were asked. Additionally, came the feature of listing job opportunities.

Glassdoor online job portal is one of the best and a very famous one amongst the youth – college students seeking internships or fresh graduates seeking entry-level positions, as the site has those opportunities in abundance.

foundit the top portal in india


foundit was one of the initial job boards in the early days of the internet. A principal and a top job portal in the market at some point in time, as well.

Their paramount plan currently includes catering for the upcoming Gen-Z and millennial cohorts entering the job markets. They believe that this generation will be poles apart from the Baby Boomers.

foundit has a skills assessment feature, but it’s not as comprehensive as what you’ll find with other online job portals.

foundit assists in job postings, creating customized applications, tracking the candidates via the hiring process and managing your postings, everything without any hassle. Additionally, they provide plans in accordance with the traffic you expect from potential candidates in response to your job posting.

jobs for her the top job portal in india

One of the best job portals for all the women out there. The prescient behind this initiative was to undo the female brain drain amongst the Indian workforce by providing job opportunities to the females who were on a work hiatus and to support them in reconnecting with their careers.

The Jobs for Her site gives the job-seekers a number of opportunities throughout the Indian urban markets. It additionally presents insights and access to various company packages designed to bring female talent back onto the track.

Jobs for Her is dedicated to taking every vital step needed to enable females to restart their careers and has created a name for itself in top job portals list. the top portal in india

Shine is one of the top job portals that comes under HT Media and is considered an innovative spot for people to discover jobs in India and furthermore seek recommendations from professionals. The basic features of this job portal include phone, email, live chat support, ease of navigation, and an app too.

Get hold of industry professionals with the right amount of competencies and experience. Encounter some of the best candidates at a swift rate. You can upload the free job in a couple of minutes with pre-written job templates made available to you. One of the largest talent platforms where you can advertise and promote yourself and your brand with access to more than 600M users.  

google jobs the top job portal india

Being a market leader Google has a majority of the population under its wing. Google’s online job portal is a dominant platform that fetches job postings from across the web. Job postings can be found effortlessly by thousands of job seekers that are browsing through Google every day.

Applying with Google Jobs makes it a cakewalk for applicants to find the listings and job openings and accordingly apply to them. Additionally, the job seekers are given access to a number of information about the company – salaries, descriptions, features, and a lot more. This helps the applicants learn a lot about the organization they’re applying to and whether it’s a good fit for them or not. These features save time and funnel your interests as well.

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hirect the top job portal india

Hirect, yet another best job portal for start-up hiring, links the potential candidates with the recruiters. The best feature – you can chat directly and hire a person from anywhere, anytime.

Hirect is the prime chat-based job portal for start-up recruiters and job seekers alike and is trusted by more than 1 lakh start-ups and SMEs.

Now people can find a quality job by directly engaging with CEOs or founders, which provides transparency to both seekers and the recruiters.

cutshort the top job portal in india

Cutshort is considered the #1 Tech hiring platform in India with top-level talents. 

This portal is not a job board but more of a networking platform to discover the right professionals using Artificial Intelligence (AI), gamification, and the principal feature – a trusted network. It can be defined along the lines of LinkedIn but one cannot build a social network on it which makes it highly efficient and hassle-free.

A career growth job portal for modern professionals. It brings a network of over 2M premium professionals and advanced AI to help one engage with and hire the people well suited for the position.

times job the top portal in india is an Indian initiative online job portal functioning in India and the Middle East. As the name suggests, it is owned and managed by The Times Group. The platform is considered one of the three major job portals in India along with and

A successful and top job portal helping professionals build successful careers. A varied number of services like career enrichment, recruitment, and talent management products.

Some of the key offerings by Times Jobs would be – access to more than 20M resume databases, job advertising services, visibility and branding services, and a lot more to build your brand.

jobsora the top job portal india

Jobsora is yet another digital recruitment platform and a fast-developing community of genuine professionals, freelancers, recruiters and service providers. The vision behind this top job portal was to help job seekers find quality careers and for employers to discover suitable candidates.

Jobsora is an advanced job board and is available in 35+ countries globally. It’s fast and convenient for job hunting and applicants have free access to all the latest job openings that are posted online. Posting for vacant roles and hiring new talents is made twice as easier.

Brands like Zimyo helps you connect with them directly. Organizations can directly post jobs on the platform through the recruitment portals and find quality talents in no time.

On this platform, one can obtain everything from full-time and part-time to work from home or freelancing, both globally and domestically, and hire them instantly.

Unlike the others of its kind, Jobsora considers itself the best job portal because its focal point is on decreasing the response time of applications.

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Quikr jobs the top portal in india

QuikrJobs provides users with one of the biggest and top job portals. Jobs can be discovered in your city or locality with ease. The USP with this platform is that you can uncover jobs by filters like – Full Time, Part Time, Trainees, Internship, Work from Home or Freelancing. 

QuikrJobs are said to have a focus on blue-collar, grey collar and entry-level jobs for everyone. Now seekers can get a hold of thousands of job offers by uploading their resume and creating alerts for free too.

hirist top job portal

The Hirist job portal strengthens your job search by providing you with quality tools to discover and apply to your dream tech job. Hirist is a tech dedicated job board for IT and tech jobs for the geeks in India whose lives depend on Python, JavaScript, Block chain, AR/VR, Data Science, and the list goes on.

With Hirist being one of the best job portals, it gives the users a seamless job-hunting experience. Apply from wherever you are and whenever you want, the simple interface will steer you towards success.

jooble top job portal

Jooble is a job-post aggregator since 2007. It collects job postings from several sites across the internet, filters them out and showcases them at one searchable database. With Jooble searching vacancies from company pages, newspapers, recruitment agencies, and job boards, the recruitment process of every organization strengthens tenfold.

With more than 150,000 job vacancies in various fields – from freelancing and work from home to jobs in abroad and near you. Jooble is a IT based global service provider and operates in 69 countries.

Jooble has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on numerous anonymous reviews left by employees or customers. All job posted are genuinely verified and posted by top employers.

The platform bridges the gap between the companies and the millions of blue-collar workers. Job seekers can make use of this top job portal in India to design a profile that has everything from talents and education to experience and competencies. Everything is a cakewalk – just search the opportunities, get in touch with the company, schedule an interview, and be hired.

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Wrapping Up

top job portals in india

Whether you are a part of Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, or a Baby Boomer, you might not be using the most effective and efficient employment portals and strategies to uncover the potential opportunities.

In today’s tech driven era, organizations are leveraging Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) as their companion in the hiring process. An Applicant Tracking Software streamlines the entire recruitment process by filtering the best candidates out of hundreds of applicants. Organizations like Zimyo provide the best hiring solution for SMBs and every recruiter.

You too can shift your hiring process to an automated one and save loads of precious time which can be used on other productive tasks.

But no matter how you choose to take the first step, I expect this article to get you back on the right track and help you in putting the best foot forward in this modern world of online job searching. 

Dive in it and happy hunting!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are number of best job portals in India including,, Linkedin, Google Jobs, Glassdoor etc.

Linkedin Job Search Rate is 4.5/5 stars while Naukri has 4.4/5 stars.

Yes is absolutely free to use. Anyone can search job on this job portal for free.

You can follow below-mentioned steps to find jobs on

  1. Activate your profile and go visible.
  2. Upload your recent photograph and resume
  3. Update sector/role/skill for which you want to get hired.
  4. Apply with various companies to get hired as soon as possible
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