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The Tapestry of Excellence Proudly Presenting Our Global Customers


Driving Impactful Business Growth with a Powerful Suite of Products

Core HR Zimyo HRMS
Automate HR operations on the go

Eliminate paperwork, simplify employee management, track employee data, and streamline all HR tasks.

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Employee self service Zimyo
Elevate employee experience

Allow employees to manage personal information, access company policies and do much more.

Celebration Zimyo
My leaves
Timesheet Dashboard
Optimize work hours & project timelines

Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

Employee involve in the project
Engagement software Zimyo
Foster a positive work environment

Build a culture of communication and engage employees through one-on-one chat, group chat, surveys, polls, and more.

chat Zimyo
Performance Dashboard
Drive a culture of high performance

Track employee progress, provide real-time feedbacks, and build growth-oriented teams.

Designaion wise projection
Applicant Tracking System Zimyo
Hire 5x faster

Allocate resources judiciously and maximize operational efficiency while ensuring precise billing

time to hire
Payroll software zimyo
Run payroll in just 5 clicks

Process error-free payroll and disburse employees’ pay on time, anywhere, any device.

Gross Pay Distribution
Product Dashboard Zimyo
Real-time analytics
Consolidate key metrics and KPIs in a visually intuitive manner while streamlining and data representation.
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One Solution, Global Impact

Leading the charge in global HR evolution

Their Success, Our Pride

Their satisfaction is our driving force for delivering a top-notch AI-driven HCM platform

Synchronize, Optimize, and Deliver

We’re all about teamwork with perfectly synchronized data and smooth, hassle-free operations.

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Experience the Difference

Discover why Zimyo reigns the HR-Tech industry

Centralized Platform

Everything at a single place. With interactive dashboard views, employee database, self-service features, Zimyo saves costs for businesses.

User Experience

Our intuitive HCM focuses on user experience and ensures that employees easily navigate the system and perform HR tasks.

Data Security

VAPT, ISO and AICPA SOC compliance to showcase commitment to industry standards, with audits ensuring regulatory adherence with GDPR, and HIPAA.

AI-Driven Technology

Zimyo HCM automates all repetitive tasks, enhances processes, and provides insights into workforce trends, all backed up by AI.

Empowering Success Across Industries

HCM solutions, tailored for diverse industries, fostering a culture of continuous growth

IT & SaaS

In the tech realm, our HCM system pioneers the way, enhancing recruitment, skill development, and employee engagement for a thriving, innovative workforce.


Propel manufacturing into the future with our HCM technology, synchronizing workforce planning and performance to meet production demands with precision.


Transform education HR practices with our visionary HCM, promoting staff development and student success through streamlined administrative processes.


Navigate supply chain complexities effortlessly with our advanced HCM system, harmonizing workforce planning & performance for unmatched excellence.


Navigate the complexities of finance effortlessly with our HCM solutions, integrating compliance, talent acquisition, and development for sustained success.


Optimize talent acquisition, workforce management, and compliance, essential for reducing costs, and maintaining competitiveness in the automotive industry.

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