Top 10 ATS Software in India

Applicant tracking software (ATS) can help in streamlining the recruitment process, from job posting and sourcing to hiring and onboarding. Top applicant tracking systems make it a cakewalk to manage paperwork and develop reports, providing an end-to-end recruitment solution.

Application Tracking Software helps recruiters through the hiring process. It serves as a database for the hiring process and manages the data efficiently. It has gained popularity because of the features it includes like shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews.

Many organizations use applicant tracking systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their workforce. It reduces the time spent managing employees and increases the speed at which tasks are carried out. 

Here are the best ATS software in India available today, which we filtered through based on key features, pricing, user support, and more. Rummage through our guide to find the best option for your needs and in accordance with your budget.


What is an ATS Software?

Applicant Tracking Software ATS is a system that helps with the recruitment process. Primarily, it performs automatic background checks and identification functions on job applicants. This makes it easier for employers to shortlist qualified candidates and reduce the time needed to make hiring decisions. It can also facilitate more effective communication between employers and prospective candidates. 

Some organizations have also adopted this type of applicant tracking system as a way of sourcing employees from within their country. This allows businesses to employ qualified employees from within their own nation, helping it become an economic powerhouse in addition to its economic responsibilities.

It’s important that job applicants follow guidelines when using an applicant tracking system. For example, each application should include a cover letter and resume along with any other relevant information. 


Why do organizations need an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant tracking system has many uses in the recruitment process. Some noticeable uses of ATS include:

● It speeds up decision-making and saves time. 

● Helps organizations manage their workforce more efficiently. 

● The software can also assist with cost reduction when used by companies.

● ATS improves the quality of hire by matching the applications to the requirements mentioned by the employer. 

These are some of the advantages of the applicant tracking system and it is important that you choose the best applicant tracking system to ensure efficiency in the hiring process. 

List of Top ATS Software in India

Applicant Tracking Software enables the employers to streamline the time-intensive and comprehensive recruitment process. A top-tier ATS helps you improve hire quality, reduce administrative work, and improve collaboration between several hiring decision-makers.

ATS is indeed an effective tool and helps the team be more efficient and productive. It eases the hiring process by scheduling and managing the work. It is automated and saves a lot of time. ATS is also capable of managing a large number of applications in a short period of time which is very useful, especially for large businesses in India.

Applicant Tracking System in India became popular because of its time-saving feature and is used by more than 98% of fortune 500 companies. If you want to choose the best Applicant tracking software in India, allow us to help you. We have presented here the Top 10 ATS in India! 

zimyo recruit

Zimyo is one of the best ATS systems in India. It makes the hiring process easy for companies and provides numerous useful features. AI-driven recruitment software that’s fabricated to trace and hire top-tier candidates from the industry talent pools. Zimyo has integrations with top job boards which posts job openings on multiple sites in seconds with just one click.

Zimyo also provides HRMS, payroll management, performance management, employee engagement, and much more among its 40+ modules. Zimyo mobile apps serve both Android and IOS operating systems.

It is budget-friendly which makes it suitable for small and medium enterprises. The pricing starts from ₹60/month and has all the services an organization would need. You can update to higher packages as per your needs. 

It helps recruiters save a lot of time and makes the hiring process cost-efficient. It has a real-time tracking service as well which maintains discipline and punctuality. It has a clean and simple user interface which makes it easy to use and understand. 

Zimyo is serving 2000+ renowned customers like Bajaj Capital, Yash Raj Films, TVF,, Vivandi, Leena AI, etc., among others for quite a while and they are immensely satisfied with the services. 

The leading HR-Tech provider has been recognized as the leading HR Software in the APAC region by the chief review platform G2 among many other titles such as easiest to use, high performer, fastest implementation, etc.

Applicant Tracking System

Pros and Cons of the best ATS Software


  • Allows you to post jobs on multiple platforms with one click. 
  • Integrations with LinkedIn, Google Jobs,, etc.
  • Resume Parsing and Interview Scheduling to save precious time.
  • You can create a career page for your company that attracts the right talent. 
  • You will be able to build hiring teams for different posts.
  • Filters the best quality candidates from the industry talent pools.
  • Predefined job description templates to cut manual labor.
  • Scorecards to review and mark the candidates.
  • Cloud-based data management system.
  • Makes the process of hiring simple and easy. 
  • Allows you to perform multiple actions in bulk. 
  • Offers you predefined offer letter templates that save a lot of time. 
  • This software gives you notifications on each stage of the hiring process. 
  • You can review the candidates after each step which makes hiring easy for the team. 
  • It is suitable for small and medium enterprises.  
  • Live support is available for customers via email and mobile. 
  • Customer training is provided to make the use of software easy for you.  
  • Mobile applications are present for android as well as IOS. 
  • A make in India initiative that supports bilingual languages – Hindi and English
  • The prices of the package are affordable and cost-effective. 

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2) Naukri RMS

top ats software in india

Naukri RMS is an ATS software by Info Edge India Ltd. This software makes the hiring process cost-effective and easy. It offers a common platform for the recruiting process and has useful collaboration tools for communication. It provides efficient analysis and services like an applicant tracking system and candidate management. 

It is a cloud solution that makes the workflow easier and more understandable. It fully automates the entire hiring process and saves a lot of time and money. It improves productivity and efficiency as well. It has some noticeable services such as social media integration, resume search, and recruiting management.

Pros and Cons of the top ATS Software


  • It analyzes the applicant workflow and makes the process easy.
  • It is available on desktop platforms like Mac and Windows. 
  • Because of the cloud service, The RMS is available across all devices including mobile phones.


  • The mobile app of this software is not available on Android or iOS. 
  • The software is not available as a web app. 
  • You have to enter the OTP  for login after every few days.

3) FreshTeam

top ats software in india

Freshteam ATS software provides services that help the recruiting process. It offers a free trial which is useful for startups. This software helps recruiters throughout the hiring process and makes it easy to manage. 

It offers unique features such as archiving the candidate,  which allows you to interact with them later on. It also provides an android app that keeps the recruiter up to date all the time. 

Pros and Cons of the best ATS Software in India


  • This ATS Software is packed with features like offer management, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding. 
  • It is perfect for the Indian Business environment and maintains candidates’ profiles.
  • It provides automated workflows that enhance efficiency and saves time. 
  • Suitable for Startups and Enterprises. 
  • Customer training and support are available.  
  • Customer support is available via phone and email. 
  • Software is available for Android mobiles too. 
  • Freshteam is available on Windows as well as Mac. 
  • Services are available in multiple languages like English, Dutch, Spanish and French. 
  • Free plan available with basic services included. 


  • Freshteam ATS does not provide payroll management.  
  • Web app is not available with this software. 
  • Services are not available in Hindi. 
  • Customer service can be better. 

4) Pyjama HR

top ats software in india

Pyjama HR is an ATS software that serves startups as well as agencies. It is web-based and provides end-to-end solutions for all recruiting issues. It makes the hiring process easy, fast, and hassle-free. 

This software helps you save all your time and automate tasks. Its primary features include advanced search, interview scheduling, candidate module assessment, etc. This software has powerful filters and allows hassle-free team collaboration.  

Here are some Pros and Cons of the top ATS software:


  • It is a web-based deployment.  
  • Available on all devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet. 
  • Available on web platforms such as Mac and Windows. 
  • Mobile application is also present for android as well as IOS. 
  • It provides services such as customizable branding. 
  • It has a free package available with the basic features required. 


  • New features get added very frequently which can make it a bit confusing. 
  • Mobile application is not available for phones with the windows operating system.

5) HR Mantra

top hr software india

HR mantra is one of the most famous ATS software in the world. It helps in automating the entire recruiting and HR process and saves up to 30 minutes per employee which increases the ROI by up to 10 times. It assures the success of the project and is a perfect fit for many business owners around the globe.  

With HR Mantra you can choose the features that you want to use and you have to pay only for the features that you choose. This application tracking software has Hundreds of clients.

Pros and cons of using the best ATS software in India:


  • This ATS software provides features like audit management, document management, employee self-service management, Audit trail, Event Calendar event management, etc.
  • It also provides services like HR and payroll.
  • This is a great option for  Agencies, startups, and large businesses.
  • It has email and mobile phone support.
  • Services are available in multiple languages such as Hindi, English, Chinese, French, German, etc.
  • Available on all 3 desktop platforms Web app windows and Mac.


  • Not available on the IOS mobile platform.
  • No live support is available.
  • Services like audit trails are available only on special requests.
  • Users suggest that the mobile app of the HR mantra needs improvement.
  • The software is in the development stage and needs improvement in some areas. 

6) Breezy HR

top ats software in india

Breezy HR is an ATS software that provides automated recruiting services. It makes your entire hiring process easy and efficient. It helps you save time by automating tasks such as job posts, interview scheduling,  and follow-ups. 

It provides an easy-to-use interface that makes the interaction between recruiters and applicants easy. Breezy HR is used in many countries across the world, including India. 


Some pros and cons of the top ATS software in India


  • It has services like email templates,  application management, and interview management.  
  • It is a great option for startups and Enterprises.  
  • It provides customer support via email and phone, it also provides live support.  
  • Its mobile application available for android operating system.  
  • It’s available on Windows and Mac platforms. 
  • It has a free trial available which is perfect for startups. 
  • Works fine in multiple languages.


  • Mobile applications are not available for IOS. 
  • It has no web app. 
  • This software is not suitable for freelancers and agencies.  
  • No language support is available in Hindi. 

7) Zoho Recruit

top ats software in india

This is an effective ATS software that is designed to make the workflow easy and compatible with a modern workplace. It provides services like background screening and Talent acquisition, which can save tons of time during the hiring process. 

This Applicant tracking system is suitable for freelancers, startups, agencies, enterprises, and SMEs. It provides user training to its customers too. This software allows you to customize different work procedures and you can also automate different tasks such as emails and update notifications. You will get a detailed analysis for better hiring strategies as well. 

Some Pros and Cons of using the best ATS Software


  • You are given the facility to publish premium job boards and set up your company’s career page. 
  • The workflow automation saves time and money. 
  • Available on Windows, Mac, and as a Web App. 
  • Mobile platforms like Android and IOS have its app.
  • Services are available in many languages including German, French,  English, and Hebrew. 
  • Customer support is available via phone and email. Live customer support is also available. 


  • Customer Support services can be better. 
  • Too many features available on the software can be confusing sometimes. 

8) TalentRecruit

top ats software in india

Talent recruitment automates the entire recruiting process and makes the workflow smooth and efficient. It is driven by artificial intelligence and is an advanced platform that brings you the future of recruitment through technical knowledge. It helps you achieve twice the increase in efficiency. 

The software reduces the hiring time and increases candidate engagement efficiently.  It has useful features such as email templates, task management, applicant tracking, and applicant workflow. It aims to provide simplified solutions for business stakeholders.

Pros and Cons of the top applicant tracking software in India


  • Has attractive features Such as resume search, social media integration, and social recruiting.
  • Customer support is available via email.
  • Available on all  Desktop platforms Web app, windows and Mac
  • Services are available in English.
  • This software has a free trial available. 


  • Its mobile app is not available on Android or IOS.
  • Services are not available in languages such as German, Hindi, French, Spanish, etc.
  • No mobile support or live support is available.
  • Customization is rigid and can be difficult.

9) GoHire ATS

top ats software in india

With GoHire’s streamlined ATS, your hiring process will revamp itself to a better version within a few days. 

Take control of your recruitment pipeline. Manage job postings, review the candidates, and schedule interviews with them in no time. GoHire interconnects with your website, social channels, and job boards smoothly.

Automate all the manual tasks, set roles & permissions, publish jobs on job boards, review and evaluate all candidates at one place – the dashboard. Put your focus on hiring the best candidates from the industry talent pools for your organization.

Pros and cons of GoHire applicant tracking software


  • Smooth  Interface and user-friendly.
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Self Service Portal
  • Job Posting
  • Background Screening
  • Customizable Templates
  • Customizable Reports
  • Job Requisition
  • Resume Search
  • Careers Page
  • Not suitable for freelancers.
  • No employee training is available.
  • Services are not available in other languages. 

10) HirePro

top ats software in india

This is an amazing Applicant tracking software based in Bangalore. It ensures a smooth and hassle-free hiring process. It automates the recruiting process and gives solutions for the Interview and onboarding process. This software allows the managers and the teams to collaborate to manage the entire recruitment process. 

It is a preferred platform for many businesses in India. It has features like customer support, Resume parsing, Online tests, and assessment management.  This ATS software is useful for enterprises as well as startups. It allows customized services and provides customer support via mobile.

Pros and Cons of the best applicant tracking software in India


  • Available on Desktop platforms like Windows and Mac. 
  • Mobile support is available. 
  • Services are available in English.  
  • Has unique and useful features such as Online tests and resume Parsing. 
  • Suitable for enterprises, startups, and SMEs.
  • Training for customers is available. 


  • Live support is not available. 
  • Only the English language is supported. 
  • Not available on Mobile platforms. 
  • Not a suitable platform for freelancers. 

Wrapping Up

An Applicant tracking system streamlines the entire hiring process, making it easy and fast. They save a lot of time and the cherry on top is that they’re cost-effective as well.

If you were exploring the best ATS software in India then this article must’ve been helpful for you. Carefully analyze your needs and requirements before choosing an ATS software and make your hiring process fast and effective.

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