Talent acquisition | Meaning and Definition

What is talent acquisition in HR?

HR talent acquisition is the process of sourcing and recruiting skilled employees for an organization. It’s a critical function in any company, as the right talent can help businesses achieve their goals and drive growth.

There are a variety of talent acquisition strategies that companies can use to find the best candidates. Some common methods include online job postings, employee referral programs, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Businesses need to identify the sourcing channels that work best for them and invest in building a strong talent pipeline to be successful.

With the war for talent becoming more competitive, many companies are turning to cutting-edge technologies like AI-powered chatbots and candidate scoring systems to help them source and screen candidates efficiently.

Talent acquisition process

The talent acquisition process typically involves four steps: 

  1. Identifying the need for new talent may involve reviewing business goals and objectives, analyzing departmental needs, or conducting a skills gap analysis.
  2. Sourcing qualified candidates: This includes using job boards, social media, networking, or employee referrals.
  3. Screening and assessing candidates: This may involve reviewing resumes and cover letters, conducting interviews and assessments, and checking references.
  4. Hiring the best candidate: This involves extending an offer of employment and negotiating terms of employment.


Benefits of talent acquisition include:

  •   Increased ability to compete in today’s market
  •   Improved ability to fill specific skill gaps
  •   Enhanced creativity and innovation within the company
  •   Greater competitive advantage in the industry
  •   Increased opportunity to find top talent.
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