Top 15 Payroll Software in India - Make an Informed Choice!

Make your month-ends stress free by disbursing salaries on-time, with automated compliances and accurate payouts.

With Zimyo payroll software, process employee payments swiftly and authentically in just 3 simple clicks.

Article Synopsis

Payroll Management Process

In today’s fast-evolving culture online Human Resources Management (HRM) and Payroll solutions take a lot of the work off your plate so you can focus on what’s important. Payroll aids businesses to automate the process of remunerating their employees.

Payroll software calculates everything from wages, and taxes, to deductions on their own. These innovations cut down paperwork by more than half and increase productivity by that much. The best payroll software is intuitive and easy to understand & use. Additionally, it provides several features and most importantly is cost-effective.

Quality payroll software will offer tools to make your work much easier. It’ll have features like e-filing, integrations with functions, employee portals, accurate calculations, and time management. 

With high demand, competition in the market has gone up too. There are various payroll software available and each has its own unique quality. Choosing a payroll software that aligns best with your organization and its needs is crucial.

We rounded up the best payroll services – compared their prices, features, reputation, and many other factors. Lastly, we curated a list of the best payroll software in India for your entity.

Before hogging you with prices and features of the top payroll software in India, we should clarify some of the most concerning statistics related to payroll processing;

  • Around 18% of finance and payroll professionals spend the majority of their time in data-entry processes.
  • As per the IRS, around 33% of payroll managers make payroll errors that can cost an organization billions of dollars annually. 
  • 25% of payroll inquiries are about employees’ payslips.
  • The second most common reason for payroll inquiries is related to missing pay, at 22% 

(Source- American Payroll Association)

These numbers suggest that payroll procesing is not a cakewalk and it requires a lot of work to ensure each employee is paid right the first time. The most awaited question now arises, what’s the trick to run a fast and accurate payroll process? 

There’s no magic trick, but there surely are tools that can help you reduce time and errors in payroll processing. Payroll management that’ll help you with compliance and reports, will manage company finances, and everything remuneration. This is enough information to guess that the tool is a payroll software.

According to research studies, automated payroll software can benefit your organization in numerous ways and can reduce payroll costs by as much as 80%, increase your team’s efficiency by 73%, and can eliminate the risk of manual errors by 91%. However, with so many options available today, how do you ensure you have chosen the best payroll software for your business?

How to choose the top payroll software in India?

Mentioned below are some important tips to keep in mind before choosing the best payroll software in India.

1. Evaluate your organization's needs

The first and foremost step before choosing the right payroll software is to have a thorough analysis of your business requirements. Below are some questions you can ask yourself: 

• How often do you face payroll issues? 

• How much do payroll errors cost you? 

• Do you pay your employees monthly or weekly? 

• What is the set budget for your payroll? 

• Is manual payroll processing working fine for you? 

• Are you able to maintain payroll records efficiently?

This can help you make the right decision by eliminating the software that doesn’t meet your needs. 


2. Can it help manage compliances?

You need to follow payroll legislation to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Not complying with regulatory laws can cause trouble for your business. Therefore, you need to look for payroll software that keeps you updated on statutory compliances and keeps legal issues at bay. 

This way you can safeguard your organization from hefty fines or financial losses. You can check out this updated statutory compliance checklist for 2023 to better understand these payroll laws and compliances. 

3. Look for standard features

Payroll automation is only possible when there are necessary features available in your payroll software. Before opting for any payroll software in India, you need to ensure that it has all the necessary features. You can look out for standard features such as automated salary computations, tax filing, expense management, mobile access, compliance management, and deductions, to name a few. 

4. Take a free trial

Before reaching a conclusion, I would suggest taking a free trial of the best payroll software. There are many top payroll software in India, that offer a 14-day free trial to help prospects check out the function or features of their payroll software. You can sign up for the free trial and decide whether it’s the right choice for your company or not. 

5. Determine your budget

While all the automated features might sound fascinating and alluring, you must always consider your budget before making the final call. There are many affordable options available in the market so you can definitely have a top payroll software on your budget. However, the best payroll software in India will definitely require you to increase your budget. Generally, payroll software with basic features can cost you anywhere from $20 to $50. 

6. Check the reviews

There are many software listing platforms such as IndiaMart, SoftwareSuggest, G2, etc. that provide you with honest customer feedback. These reviews come from existing users so you can definitely rely on these to make your decision. You can also get in touch with these customers to know their feedback about the payroll software they are using. 

So these are some of the tips that you can follow to choose the best payroll software for your business.  However, choosing the right payroll software is the need of the hour, following some simple steps can also help businesses in accurate payroll processing. Consider the infographic below to understand the process of payroll.

top payroll software in india

List of Top Payroll Software in India

Visiting multiple payroll software listing websites, comparing one payroll software with another, checking out reviews on rating platforms, and scheduling demos with the referrals provided, sounds like a lot of work! 

Worry not, we have compiled a list of the top payroll software in India to help you make a sound decision. Let’s have a look at them: 

1. Zimyo Payroll Software

Zimyo is a leading platform that offers top-tier employee experience with its 40+ cloud-based modules. Solutions such as HR & Payroll Management, Time & Attendance Management, Performance Management System (PMS), Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), Employee Engagement, and additional Employee Benefits assist organizations in the talent management lifecycle.

A one-stop solution that’s supported by an end-to-end implementation to improve your key metrics, Zimyo optimizes everything from – recruitment to offboarding and everything in between.

Zimyo payroll software helps businesses streamline and simplify their payroll process. With Zimyo payroll software you can process payroll in 3 simple clicks with 100% accuracy. You can generate and download payroll reports, payslips, manage taxes and expenses, and stay regulatory compliant by using this robust payroll software. 

The software has been recognized by G2 as the best performer in the payroll category. Currently, Zimyo is serving some of the most prominent national and international customers. Some of the renowned organizations associated with Zimyo include Bajaj Capital, TVF, iYash Raj Films, Leena AI, Burger Singh, Vyapar, Apollo Finvest, etc.

best payroll software in india

Features of best payroll software in India

Automated Salary Computation Tax Management
Employee Self Service Mobile Accesibility
Automated payslips Deduction Calculation
Configurable Salary Structure Security and Data Protection
Overtime Calculation Arrears Calculation
Payroll Integrations Compliant with payroll law
Expense Management Loans and Advances
Payroll Reports Tax Calculator
Full and Final Settlement Employee Benefits

The basic plan starts from ₹ 60/employee/month. They have customizable payment plans that allow customers to pay either monthly or annually. 

Best Payroll Software for

All sizes of organizations. Small, Medium, Enterprize.

Credit your workforce on-time without errors!

Zimyo's robust Payroll Management Software manages the entire payroll processing error-free.

2. greytHR

top payroll software in india

greytHR is a known top payroll software in India as it offers productivity tools for better HR and payroll management. It was founded in 2019, and since then it has been delivering robust people management solutions to small and medium enterprises. Similar to Zimyo, they also have an employee self-service portal that allows for better employee engagement and all-around time savings. Some of the organizations associated with greytHR include HealthifyMe, Toshiba, Deloitte, Capgemini, to name a few. 

Features of top payroll software

Complete Payroll Processing
Configurable Salary Structure
Compliance Management
Tax Calculation
Expense Management
Automated Reimbursements


The starter pack with limited features is free of cost at greytHR. However, the starting price for their services is ₹ 1495 per month.

Best payroll software in India for

Small and Medium Enterprises

3. Zoho

top payroll software in india

Zoho is a known name in the HR industry. Apart from HRMS, Zoho offers payroll solutions to help businesses manage their payroll and expenses. The platform helps in complete payroll administration and processing and ensures employees are paid accurately and on time. It has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has established itself as a trusted brand in the HR and payroll industry. Some of the renowned organizations associated with Zoho are purpleSlate, CredRight, Tart Labs, Beez Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd., etc. 

Features of the best payroll software

Payroll Management Tax Management
TDS Calculation Salary Information
Analytics Report Automated Payslips
Reimbursement Management Statutory Compliances
PF Calculation Integrations


The basic pack starts at ₹ 50 per employee per month. 

Best For

Small, Medium & Large Enterprises

Transform payroll from manual to automated!

Run your entire payroll in just a few minutes with modern-day payroll software.

4. Qandle

top payroll software in india

Qandle is an end-to-end HR solution that offers smart HR and payroll solutions to organizations. Apart from core HR and payroll solutions, the platform also provides talent, travel, and compliance management services. The platform has a user-friendly UI, modular set-up, and granular configuration that offers a hassle-free experience to the customers. Qandle is an HR tech platform that aims at automating redundant HR activities, thus helping HR professionals to save valuable time and resources. 

Features of best payroll software in India

Payroll Processing
Employee Compensation
Statutory Compliance
Claims and Advances
Payroll Advisory
Bonuses and Loans
Expense Management
Full and Final Settlement
Tax Management
PF Calculations


Qandle offers basic HR and Payroll solutions at ₹ 49 per employee per month.

Best payroll software for

Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

5. Beehive

top hr software india

Automate your payroll functions with Beehive payroll. Process employee salary, facilitate tax declarations, manage compliances, and other payroll-related processes with Beehive’s comprehensive payroll solutions. According to one of its clients, “Beehive’s continual development of the product and services, support, and action on raised queries make it one of the best HR software startups in India.” This feedback itself is a testament to the fact that the solutions offered by Beehive are helping organizations manage their payroll without any hassles.

Features of top payroll software

Configurable Pay Structure
Automated Payroll Calculations
Statutory Compliances
Payslips and Form 16
Tax Calculations


Not available on the website

Best payroll for

Startups, SMEs. Agencies, Enterprises.

6. HROne

top hr software india

Owned by the Uneecops group, HRone is a veteran business automation and services provider that is helping organizations manage their HR and payroll functions with ease and efficiency. HRone majorly targets international SMEs and startups. HROne’s is headquartered in major national and international regions including Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hong Kong, and San Jose (of USA), and has dozens of partner agencies around the world. 

Features of the payroll software India

Manage multiple pay groups Auto CTC breakup
Process Salary Icrement and arrears
Reimbursements Tax Declaration
Loans and Advances Statutory Compliance
Returns and Challans FnF Settlement


Pricing details are not specified. Contact Vendor.

Best for

Startups, SMEs. Agencies, Enterprises.

Run an error-free payroll!

Bid farewell to manual calculation or compliance errors with new age payroll solution.

7. SumHR

top hr software india

If you want to automate your payroll activities, then sumHR can be a great choice. It is one of the best payroll software in India that claims to transform an HR representative into an HR hero. From eliminating manual work to manual errors and enhancing the employee experience, SumHR is helping small and medium businesses to efficiently manage their payroll activities. Apart from managing payroll, you can also set and manage goals, track employee time and attendance and generate reports, and offer positive employee experiences with SumHR’s end-to-end HRMS. 

Features of the top payroll software

Payroll Management PF Calculation
Statutory Compliances Pay Slip
Reimbursement Management Payroll Integrations
Compliance Management Salary Information
Exit Management Expense Management


The payroll automation package starts at ₹ 49 per employee per month.

Best payroll software for

Small and Medium Businesses.

8. Pocket HRMS

top payroll software in india

This is one of the top payroll software in India that helps revolutionize your HR and payroll processes. By bringing automation into your processes, the platform aims to reduce administrative burden, increase productivity, and improve HR and payroll processes. Besides payroll, the platform also provides cloud-based recruitment, performance management, and leave and attendance management solutions. Some of the clients that are associated with Pocket HRMS are Evolve Back, Smollan, AO Smith, to name a few.

Features of best payroll software

Payroll Management Bonus and Loan Management
Tax Management Statutory Compliances
Payslips Salary Calculation
Arrears Calculation Salary Adjustment
PF Calculation Compliance Management
Exit Management Separation Management


The premium package starts from ₹ 4995 Up to 100 employees.

Best payroll for

StartUps, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.

9. Wallet HR

top hr software india

With Wallet HR, you can easily manage your payroll activities without having to do any manual work. The platform takes care of all your payroll management needs and is a very impressive automation and innovation tool. Moreover, you can automate salary calculations, payments, and even the submission of the company’s payroll taxes. Its client list includes Specsmakers, Isha Foundation, Hyundai HYSCO, to name a few. 

Features of the payroll software

Financial Management
TDS Calculation
Reports and Payslips
Full and Final Settlement
Salary Structures
Tax Management
HR Integrations


Not Specified. Contact Vendor.

Best payroll software for

Small, Medium & Large Enterprises.

10. HR Mantra

top hr software india

HRMantra is a feature-packed Payroll software in India. The platform helps automate the most complicated HR and Payroll processes easily using its robust features. With HRMantra, you can create unlimited pay heads using powerful formulae and parameters to calculate loan, bonus, salary, and tax calculations. Toyota, MSC, Jockey, NTPC, are some of the big names associated with this top HR software in India.

Features of the best payroll software India

Compensation Calculation Payroll Reports
Payroll forms and payslips Compliance Mangement
Expense Management Tax Management
Deduction Management EMI Calculations
Bonus and Loan Management Full and Final Settlement


Not Specified. Contact Vendor.

Best payroll solution for

Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

11. Razorpay X Payroll

top payroll software in india

Razorpay is basically a payment gateway in India that allows businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its product suite. However, it also offers payroll and HR solutions. You can bid adieu to time-consuming payroll processes by joining hands with RazorpayX Payroll. It is an automated payroll service that helps organizations calculate their payroll, pay employees and contractors, and manage their compliances. 

Features of top payroll software in India

Payroll Processing
Expense Management
Statutory Compliances
Arrears Calculation
Full and Final Settlement
Earnings and Deductions
Payroll Reports


The Pro Plan starts at ₹ 100 per month per user.

Best payroll system for

Small and mid-sized companies.

12. PeopleWorks

top payroll software in india

PeopleWorks is a top payroll software in India that helps organizations digitize and simplify their complex payroll processes. This platform is equipped with 22 advanced HR modules with a user-friendly UI that transforms your entire HR department. Apart from providing payroll solutions the platform also offers workforce management, talent management, manpower resource planning, and learning and development solutions. 

Features of top payroll software

Payroll Processing Expense Management
Overtime Calculations Pay Structures
Compliance Management Full and Final Setllement
Income Tax Calculator Payroll Integration
Flexible Benefits Plan Bonus and Loan Management


Not Specified. Contact Vendor.

Best payroll for

Suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.

13. Saral PayPack

top payroll software in India

‘Saral’ in Hindi means simple and without any complexity. As the name suggests, Saral PayPack offers solutions that simplify your payroll process. Saral PayPack is a one-stop payroll solution for all your payroll needs. It helps in payroll automation along with managing your HR activities. Some of the top names associated with Saral PayPack are Manyavar,, India TV, Siemens, to name a few. 

Features of payroll software

Payroll Integrations Reimbursement Management
TDS Investment Details Loan Management
Leave Encashment Payroll Reports
Full and Final Payslips
Statutory compliances Arrear Management


Their premium package starts at ₹ 159000-195000- Onetime.

Best payroll system for

Suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.

14. GoForHR

top hr software in india

If you are looking for payroll software that can help you with accurate payroll processing, then GoForHR might be right for you. From calculating salaries to managing statutory compliances, this payroll software can help you in end-to-end payroll processing. Besides managing payroll, the platform also provides attendance, performance, and recruitment management services. 

Features of best payroll software in India

Payroll Management
Tax Management
Arrears Calculation
PF Calculation
Benefits Management
TDS Calculation
Exit Management
Bonus and Loan Management


Their starter pack starts at ₹ 6000 for Up to 50 Employees/Month.

Best payroll system for

Suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.

15. ZingHR

top payroll software in india

ZingHR is an enterprise HCM platform offering HR and payroll solutions to help organizations manage their workforce without any hassles. More than 550+ Companies, across industries, rely on ZingHR to empower their HR teams and enhance employee engagement and experience. Apart from payroll, ZingHR also delivers Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition, Payroll, Learning Management, Performance Management, Training, Time & Attendance solutions. 

Features of top payroll software in India

Compensation Management Salary Calculations
Benefits Management Payslips
Statutory Compliance Bonus and Loan Management
Exit Management Exit Management
Separation Management TDS Calculation


Not Specified. Contact Vendor.

Best payroll system for

Serves only Enterprises.

A great place to work with on-time payroll!

Enhance employee satisfaction and morale by remunerating them on-time evry month.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, a robust payroll software brings numerous benefits to organizations, including enhanced accuracy, cost and time-saving, compliant with laws, better efficiency, employee self-service capabilities, reports and analytics, and augmented security. 

Adopting a payroll software like Zimyo can significantly streamline your payroll management process and contribute toward overall organizational effectiveness. Zimyo is catering to 2000+ customers all over the world including renowned names like Yash Raj Films, TVF, Leena AI, Bajaj Capital, Vivandi, etc. List of the top 15 payroll software in India that makes the life of HR professionals easy and help them move past the month-end payroll frustrations are presented to you.

Choose the payroll software in India that aligns best with your organizational needs. Seeking automated, cloud-based top payroll software in India then you can consider the vendors from the aforementioned list. These are some of the most reliable and credible HR services providers in the country. You can also check the list of Top HR Software in India and make an informed choice.

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Payroll FAQs

What is Payroll Software in India?

Payroll software is a cloud-based solution that calculates, manages, maintains, and automates the entire payroll process of the employees in an organization. A robust payroll software is integrated with other software and functions used in an organization. It calculates the axes, manages all legal compliances and abides by all the laws and regulations. The main purpose is to timely remunerate the employees, without any manual errors.

Which are the Top Payroll Software in India?

Robust and aligns best with your organizational needs. The best payroll software in India are;


  1. Zimyo
  2. Razorpay
  3. Saral PayPack
  4. Pocket HRMS
  5. sumHR
  6. factoHR
How to choose a Payroll Software in India?

The best payroll software for your organization should be adept at a number of features such as employee detail management, calculations, salary revisions, bonuses, deductions, leave & attendances, arrears, reimbursements, etc., so the payroll can be processed with a single click. One should look for software that generates payslips and manages tax documents for every employee along with seamless integrations with existing software of the organization.

Which software can integrate with Payroll Software?

A robust payroll software integrates with all other software of a company. From HR Software, Performance Software, Expense Management to Timesheet Software, OKR Software, etc. Wherever payroll or remunerations are included, the best payroll software can integrate with them all seamlessly. It fetches employee data on its own, calculates, processes and manages data accordingly and the employee can be remunerated in a single click.

How much can a payroll software cost in India?

An average payroll software can start from ₹ 40 per employee per month. Zimyo with its competitive pricing Zimyo offers HR and Payroll Software from ₹ 50 per employee per month. A payroll software not only manages the salaries and remunerations of the workforce but is compliant with laws and regulations, calculates taxes, etc. Integrated with a performance software, it recognizes and rewards the deserving employees. At month end, it fetches employee data on its own, processes everything and disburses salaries on time with a single click.