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Paid leave | Meaning and Definition

What is paid leave? 

Paid leave refers to the time that an employee takes off from their job due to illness, vacation, or other reasons without any pay deductions. Whether the employee works in a government sector or private organization, he/ she is entitled to receive a certain number of paid leaves in a year. These leaves can be used in accordance with the organization’s leave policy. The number of paid leaves in an enterprise usually begins from 12 and may go up to 30 to 40 leaves in a year. The number of paid leaves may vary for different companies. Such leaves are divided into different types, for instance, privileged leave, maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave, sick leave, casual leave, etc.

Paid leave example:

Suppose, you have caught a cold and so, you need at least two days off from the job. Now, the majority of employers grant a certain number of paid sick leave to employees annually on solid grounds. Thus, if you end up taking two days’ leave for your condition, you would be given normal wages for this time-off.

Now, if your company has mentioned 4 weeks of vacation per year while you are at your job and you use that time off. You shall be receiving the payment for this leave from work while you are busy enjoying your vacation.

Thus, paid leave of absence is a time granted by the employer to the employee to manage important responsibilities or due to an unexpected event that is paid.

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