Casual Leave | Meaning and Definition

What is casual leave?

Every organization has various types of leave policies, such as sick, casual, maternity, and many more. Casual leave is a type of leave that can be availed in response to a situation or event that occurs without any plan. Casual leave is a paid leave usually given to an employee after the end of the probation period. Furthermore, prior approval is required before taking this form of leave. 

Casual leave rules:

  • Casual leaves are not transferable to the next year. 
  • Casual leaves that aren’t utilized can’t be redeemed like earned or privileged leaves. They just expire at the end of the year.
  • Casual leaves are typically available for a minimum of half a day and a maximum of three days. Aside from that, leaves should be taken as either earned or privileged leaves. If an individual desires to take all three absences at once, they must first obtain approval from the firm.
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