Sick Leave | Meaning and Definition

Definition of Sick

A person affected by mental or physical illness being unable to carry out activities is termed as sick. 

What is the meaning of Sick Leave?

An employee/worker is allowed or entitled to a paid sick leave if he/she needs rest being sick or to address his/her health through a medical appointment. It is not similar to a paid vacation. During a paid vacation, an employee is entitled to take time off from work for a fixed number of days in a year. Several organizations and companies out there ask for a doctor’s prescription for the approval . Often the maximum number of days is fixed by the company that an employee is entitled to as the leave period. Beyond the days of the sick leave, the extra days spent are treated as unpaid leave.

Certain modern organizations and companies even permit their employees with these leave to attend to their family members who are unhealthy or sick.

Some countries have well-prepared laws guiding all leaves. In India, sick leave of 10 days can be availed by an employee every year as per the state laws. However, several private companies do not provide the provision of this leave.

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