Restricted Holiday | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of a restricted holiday?

In Indian leave management policies, restricted holidays are given. Holidays of this type are optional, and it is up to the employee to decide whether he/she would like to take advantage of them or not. There is a limit to the number of holidays an individual can take in a year. Rakshabandhan, for instance, is a Hindu festival that can be celebrated optionally or with restrictions. In order to promote the cultural pluralism of the country, employees are allowed to take leave of the holiday.

A list of available leaves that were created by the HRM can be accessed by employees voluntarily, but the quantity is limited by company policy.

HRMs should explain clearly how and when floating holidays are to be implemented because it may negatively affect the productivity of the business. It could result in the employee taking optional leave during the important week of the month.

Characteristics of a Restricted holiday

Here are some of the characteristics of a restricted holiday:

1. Voluntary

Employees have to choose whether they have to take the restricted holidays or not based on their personal or cultural affiliations.

2. Limited in number

The number of these holidays provided to the employees is very limited in number. Organization may provide  list of such holidays to employees to choose from. 

3. Employee Discretion

It is necessary for employees to inform the employers if they are taking the restricted holiday in order to manage the daily tasks.

4. Differentiated Policies

Every organization may have different policy regarding the restricted holidays. Organizations may provide a list of such holidays to employees and let them decide which to take as per their convenience.  

5. Compensation

The restricted holidays are generally unpaid, meaning employees are not paid for taking this leave. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In a particular year employees can take up to two restricted holidays whenever they wishes.

Restricted holidays are important to respect the religion and tradition of employees in an organization. It is different from the holiday calendar of the organization.

It is necessary for HRs to clearly state when these holiday falls as these can hamper the productivity of the organization.

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