Short Leave | Meaning and Definition

What is Short Leave?

Short leave, as the name suggests, is the amount of time taken off by the worker or an employee for a brief period of time, often assumed to be less than half a day. Short leave simply corresponds to that which is available to be granted to the worker or staff member in case of responsibility or extreme necessity. Generally, it involves circumstances during which the employee has to leave urgently to go somewhere or extreme necessity.

Short leave is generally paid but also goes unpaid sometimes. Short leave can be used for pre-planned or decided arrangements such as medical appointments or shifting houses. It can only be used for an emergent situation at home or is relative in times of emergencies such as floods or storms. A Short Leave on an urgent basis can either mean coming a few hours late to the office, taking in between a gap of a few hours, or leaving a few hours early.

Short leave can be reckoned in days with a maximum of two days every day. These days do not have to be taken as Short Leave on two consecutive days.

The labor laws do not consist of any provision that concerns or defines Short Leave. The occurrence of Short Leaves completely depends upon the company policy or the decision of the management. Short Leave application forms are required for all such leaves prior to the leave except for unplanned leave.

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