Interview Panel | Meaning and Definition

What is a panel interview or panel interview meaning?

An interview panel is a group of people responsible for interviewing for an HR interview. The panel typically includes a representative from the organization that is looking to fill a position and other experts who can help evaluate the candidate. The panel’s purpose is to ensure that all sides of the story are heard and that the best person for the job is selected.

The panel will ask the candidate questions to get a sense of their qualifications and skills. They will also pay close attention to how the candidate interacts with other panel members, as this can be indicative of their ability to work well with others. In some cases, the panel may also ask questions of references or past employers to get more understanding of the candidate.

Benefits of a panel interview

Panel interviews can be a great way to get a well-rounded view of a candidate. By having multiple people interview a candidate simultaneously, you can get a sense of how the candidate interacts with different types of personalities and how they handle pressure.

However, panel interviews can also be tricky to manage. Here are some tips for making sure your panel interview goes smoothly:

  • Plan ahead: Make sure you know who will be on the panel and their roles ahead of time. That way, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and no one feels like they’re being left out or caught off guard.
  • Designate a leader: It’s important to have someone in charge of the panel so that things run smoothly and stay on track. Otherwise, it can become a free-for-all where everyone’s trying to talk at once, and no one is being heard.
  • Come prepared: Have a list of questions ready to go ahead of time so that you don’t have to scramble to come up with the answers.
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