Employee Evaluation | Meaning and Definition

What does employee evaluation mean?

Employee evaluation meaning is a manager’s periodic assessment of an employee’s performance. It’s an opportunity to evaluate an employee’s development, congratulate them on their achievements, and work together on goals to increase performance and assist the organization meet its objectives. 

Annual employee assessments have traditionally been held in a private work area or office between an individual employee and their management. Changing the time in a strategic way enhances the process and the results. Companies that switch to more regular reviews will find it simpler to meet their performance management objectives by having shorter informal talks that reflect recent events rather than trying to rebuild a complete year.

Managers should maintain track of each employee’s performance on a regular basis to prepare for an employee review. That way, the manager will be able to provide concrete instances of the employee’s strengths and successes, as well as any concerns, during the review.

Managers should also evaluate each employee’s performance on a regular basis using relevant measures and be ready to present the results at the employee assessment. The proper metrics to use are determined by the nature of the task. During the employee review on employee objectives, the management and employee should collaborate to create performance improvements and career growth. 

The manager of the workplace should fill out an employee assessment form to document what was discussed and the goals that were agreed upon at the end of the employee appraisal process. This document becomes part of the employee’s permanent corporate file and can be used to advise and support future salary, promotions, or dismissal decisions. 

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