Mock Interview | Meaning and Definition

What is a Mock Interview?

Let’s understand mock interview meaning. A mock interview implies a training rehearsal of an actual job interview. It is done to prepare the job candidate for a real interview. The practice is performed by a professional who carries out an interview with the candidate in order to deliver an experience. Once the mock interview is over, the interviewer (the professional who is training here) furnishes the candidate with feedback and communicates the things that require further improvement.


Advantages of mock interview

First off, a mock interview facilitates the job candidate to grasp the expectations of a real job interview process. This directly assists and motivates the candidate to enhance self-presentation and provide worthy feedback. The simulation is also beneficial as it aids in the identification of points where one needs to work on. Thus, a person can appear confidently in a real job interview.

Furthermore, different skills acquired during mock interview instances are instrumental in handling upcoming interviews effectively. On top of this, it facilitates you in delivering effective responses to questions while enhancing your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Mock interviews conducted by professionals intend to prepare candidates for answering the set of interview questions specific to their job role. The questions practiced at the mock interview may differ depending on the job position you want, the type of job (part-time, full time, office, etc.), and so on.

Common questions asked in mock interview

Mock interviews largely focus on helping candidates build successful replies to the common questions, which are:

  •   Tell us about yourself
  •   Why should we hire you?
  •   What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  •   Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  •   Do you have any questions about the position or company?
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