Employee Mood Barometer

Measure, Act, Improve

Keep your employees happy and satisfied with our state-of-the-art Senti-Meter that helps you analyze your employee's mood or sentiments
  • Chat Feedback 
  • Mood Barometer
  • Mental Health Risk Assessment 
  • Virtual Suggestions
  • AI-Powered Insights 
  • 360-degree Feedback Polls
  • Data Privacy

Get a holistic view of employee morale and interpret the results of the data collected during the feedback

Track the changes in your ratings to gauge the outcomes of the efforts you put in to measure employee engagement and satisfaction.

Helps you analyze whether or not your organization is ready for remote working and offers solutions to help organizations build a robust remote work environment. 

 Automate every step of the offboarding process and analyze them to gain meaningful insights and reduce the attrition rate.

Workforce heatmaps provide easily interpretable snapshots of the organization that can be used to spot strengths and deficiencies by demographic groups. 

Enable employees to express their views or opinions at any time so that you don’t miss out on important suggestions from your team. 

Our employee mood barometer software allows organizations to measure, analyze, and document all steps to reduce mental stress at work.

Keep your employees engaged by connecting with them on a regular basis and answer submitted reviews without unveiling employee’s identity

Easy integration allows you to take the pulse of your employee’s mood right into slack or connect your office account with Zimyo.

leveraging built-in templates for key moments such as onboarding, training, offboarding, etc.

Conduct polls and surveys to understand if the new policies or programs are being welcomed by the employees or not. 

The employee engagement module empowers employees to voice their ideas or solutions, thus making them feel valued in the organization. 

Research studies suggest that happy employees are more productive than those who don’t feel valued, engaged, or appreciated in the workplace. Increased engagement means increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower attrition rates, and high employee morale. 

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