Top 12 Employee Engagement Software in India

Many organizations have lost sight of the basics, to make everyone feel belonged. The workforce today needs to feel like a part of a bigger vision. 

To implement the same, organizations incorporate their values into everyday activities to foster a more productive and positive workplace culture.

The day employees understand their organization’s core values and how they impact the business, they are more inclined toward feeling inspired and motivated.

There are a wide variety of employee engagement software available online, each with unique advantages. In this article, we will go over top employee engagement software in India. If you intend to use them in your workspace, we are here to help you find the most suitable one.

1) Zimyo

Zimyo is the best employee engagement software in India and is powered by top-tier features in the industry. This employee engagement software was developed to satisfy the needs of all businesses, be it small or mid sized firms or large organizations with multiple branches. 

The aim is to boost the employee’s “mental and emotional connect” to their work, their teams, and their organization. Zimyo improves employee performance and ensures higher employee retention

Whether launching an employee engagement program or improving what you already have, Zimyo provides everything you need to forge closer bonds with your employee, ensuring high employee engagement.

Features of the best employee engagement software

★ Provides information on a variety of topics, such as the amount of rewards each department has given out and the amount of recognitions that employees have earned.

★ It has a special feature called Mood Barometer that enables you to assess the emotions or moods of your employees.

★ 360-degree and continuous feedback to enhance performance.

★ Zimyo Tribe to keep everyone connected at a unified platform.

★ Announcements to keep everyone informed and up-to-date.

★ Feed to enhance engagement and share your thoughts and opinions.

★ Surveys and Polls are also provided in this employee engagement software.

★ Increases employee engagement which in turn leads to greater bonds and higher retention.

★ Easy communication within the organization.

Self Service platform to promote transparency and efficiency.

★ Made in India initiative that’s bilingual with English and Hindi languages.

★ Build loyalty toward organization within the workforce.

For 40 employees, Zimyo starts at ₹60 every month per person and can cost up to ₹250 per month depending on the modules you want to use. Mood-o-meter, break room, awards & recognition, announcements, and other features in Zimyo help HRs in raising employee engagement.

Build High Performing Employees & Workplace!

Create better workplace, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and much more with Zimyo.

2) Kudos

Kudos is a platform for employee communication, feedback, and recognition. It is multilingual and includes many specific features that motivate and encourage employees to foster better working connections and help them fit in with the corporate culture.

Features of top employee engagement software

★ Offers manager badges, certificates, and service awards to show your appreciation for your employee.

★ Newsletters, photo galleries, media sharing, and other possibilities for internal communication are available.

★ Enables the interchange of ongoing, real-time employee feedback in the public or private sphere.

★ Offers data in the form of reports, dashboards, and leaderboards that are simple to interpret.

★ Android & iOS mobile apps are also available.


On request, the price is available.

3) CultureAmp

A fully functional employee engagement platform, Culture Amp provides actionable insights for boosting employee engagement, retention, and performance.


Features of employee engagement software

★ There are tools for performance review, cultural and pulse surveys, and engagement.

★ This platform offers customized surveys as well as employee engagement survey templates.

★ Helps in your assessment of the degree of participation among various teams and demographics.

★ Offers a survey that is automatically generated based on a employee’s life cycle, such as their onboarding, termination, and so on.

★ Enables you to contrast survey findings with more than 60 industry standards provided by other businesses.


It has three plans: 

– Self-starter

– Standard

– Enterprise

Upon request, the pricing is made available.

4) 15Five

Any business can increase productivity by encouraging employees to put in the extra effort using successful surveys with effective employee engagement platforms. That is where 15five comes into the picture.

According to the idea behind this employee engagement tool, it will take employees 15 minutes to complete the survey and managers 5 minutes to assess the results.


Features of best employee engagement software

★ Uses more than 30 models that are supported by research to help you design any kind of survey.

★ A combination of education, technology, and psychology is used to promote the good behavior of employees.

★ Employee happiness is measured using the “full potential index,” which is based on four psychological factors.

★ Provides detailed insights on employee satisfaction.

★ Enables you to develop, manage, and keep track of Key Results and Objectives


Plans start at $7/user per month.

5) Lattice

With a variety of solutions for keeping an eye on a distributed workforce and employee engagement, Lattice is one of the best software for managing employees.

This employee engagement software includes a variety of engagement surveys that may be used to get employee feedback on various topics and to foster a workplace culture that is focused on the needs of the employees.


Features of top employee engagemet software

With a variety of solutions for keeping an eye on a distributed workforce and employee engagement, Lattice is one of the best software for managing employees.

This employee engagement software includes a variety of engagement surveys that may be used to get employee feedback on various topics and to foster a workplace culture that is focused on the needs of the employees.


Paid plans start at $9/user a month which is ₹743 in our currency.

6) TINYpulse

A platform for employee engagement called TINYpulse can help you improve internal communication, evaluate company culture, and cut down on attrition.

Popular with both big and little teams alike. With the aid of this engagement tool, you can compile ongoing data on employee satisfaction and the reasons why they choose to stay with or leave your company. 


Features of employee management software

★ There are more than 300 templates for employee engagement surveys that have been scientifically prepared.

★ Enables you to customize questions to your own needs.

★ Gives employees anonymous, real-time feedback

★ Services like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and others are supported.

★ Produces useful employee data on leadership and other key topics.


 A free trial is provided for the period of 30 days. Upon request, the pricing is made available.

7) Officevibes

This software is perfect for nurturing employee relationships and engagement. With the collaboration tool Officevibe, your team can build relationships, foster trust, and develop as a unit. 

It has an ongoing three-step process (share, talk, and address) that aids in helping you and your team comprehend and resolve various team challenges. 


Features of the best employee engagement software

★ Provides pulse surveys, anonymous feedback, and thorough reports to assist you in understanding the thoughts, objectives, and needs of your team.

★ Enables you to collaborate with team members and have insightful conversations.

★ It has a library of materials, blogs, and other tools to aid in your skill development.

★ Integration is simple for Slack, Teams, Google, and other services.


It provides a basic, free plan. Paid plans start at ₹330 per month for a minimum of five users per account.

8) BambooHR

A cloud-based platform for employee engagement called BambooHR manages every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hiring through offboarding. 

You can estimate employee satisfaction with its employee satisfaction tool by using the employee net promoter score (ENPS).


Features of the employee engagement software

★ Determine which procedures should be given priority depending on their significance to the employee.

★ Permits employee members to be completely anonymous while giving comments.

★ Allows you to grow your business by providing a complete analysis of employee feedback.

★ Sorts all comments into three categories: favourable, neutral, and negative based on the keywords.

★ Offers training programmes to increase employee satisfaction.


A trial version is accessible without charge. On request, the cost is provided.

9) Flourish

Flourish helps you in regularly gathering and organizing suggestions for employee improvement so that it is obvious what is most needed. 

They will provide you with information and shed light on what is now most important to focus on through simple pulse surveys.


Features of top employee engagement software

★ Always based on research, standard or custom Pulse Questions.

★ Understanding of the teams’ continual work to develop Logic underlying the success of effective teams and their best practices.

★ Input is gathered using Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.


Offers a free trial and the Essentials and Pro plans are both available.

10) Energage

To help with employee recruitment and retention, Energage’s software supplier provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that incorporates four solutions (employer branding, workplace survey, pulse, and insights).

The Energage employee engagement platform will help the organization improve workplace culture over time, regardless of the type of business one runs.

Features of best employee engagement software

★ To regularly connect with employees, create customized pulse surveys.

★ Helps establish workplace communications, which enhances teamwork.

★ The findings of engagement surveys are used to give insightful data using artificial intelligence.

★ Through an online engagement programme, managers can hone their coaching abilities.


Provides a demo. Upon request, the pricing is made available.

11) MS Teams

Trusted by millions around the world. MS Teams is among the best employee engagement software used for all reasons.

It enables you to call, meet, chat, and interact in real time with everyone you work with. MS Teams allows people to interact with the resources and equipment on the platform they use every day.


Features of employee engagement software

★ Channels, or message boards used by teammates to communicate, make up teams.

★ Various chats are viewable and editable by all team members.

★ Most collaboration apps have a chat option that allows for communication between teams, groups, and individuals.

★ Every Microsoft Teams team will have a site in SharePoint Online that comes pre-configured with a document library folder.

★ With an online meetings feature that can accommodate up to 10,000 users, it improves communications, corporate meetings, and even training.


It offers a free as well as paid version.

12) Google Hangouts

One of best Google’s communication tools is called Hangouts. Thanks to Google Hangouts, you can connect with your colleagues wherever you are. 

Up to 150 individuals can chat privately at once using it. One can also initiate a video conversation with up to ten people. 

Features of top employee engagement software

★ Not only may you message other internet users

★ Can text, call, and make video calls to actual phones.

★ Using Google Hangouts, you can host meetings and online conferences.


It is free to use.

How to choose the best Employee Engagement Software?

How do you choose the top employee engagement software for your business when there are so many apps and solutions on the market? Listed below are some essential elements of employee engagement software to look for:

✧ The app should offer interesting feature (content with graphics, GIFs, and videos).

✧ To start a discussion, there should be a feature for likes and comments.

✧ Notifications of announcements or any updates in real-time.

✧ Give new hires a smooth onboarding process.

✧ Should have pulse surveys 

✧ Updated analysis and reports

✧ Employee members can post shout-outs to teammates using the employee recognition option.

✧ Mobile application

Align your workforce by keeping them engaged!

Build a positive environment with Zimyo's robust Employee Engagement Software.

Benefits of an Employee Engagement Software

Engagement apps help to boost job satisfaction and employee retention. The purpose of these apps is to give employees a sense of belonging to the organization’s vision and culture. it helps to ensure the emotional well-being of the entire organization.

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional dedication an employee has to the organization and its objectives.

Employees that are mentally and emotionally stable can produce better, quicker results. You may regularly assess the state of your organization with the use of employee engagement management software. A pulse survey can be used to accomplish it effectively.

✦ A democratic atmosphere for employees

You may gather vital information about what makes your employee happier with the use of employee monitoring software. Company-wide surveys and polls can be used to carry it out.

One of the nicest aspects of Google’s culture is volleyball games in the afternoon. As a “flat” organization with smaller teams, Google lacks a rigid top-down hierarchy.

This lessens the likelihood of the “monkey effect” and presents chances for serious debates concerning corporate issues. Additionally, it clarifies the significance of workplace employee involvement

✦ Employee efforts are recognized timely

Employee appreciation fosters a culture that is fearless and motivates individuals to take more risks since it is better to take risks and fail than to remain steadfast and refrain from taking any.

Words of thanks go a long way toward improving the workplace and creating a peaceful and meaningful atmosphere for employees. The employee recognition tool makes it simple to share and discuss employee recognition.

✦ It saves time, resources, & data

More time and money can be saved by using an employee engagement software than you would imagine. It enables employees to explain their inquiries by chatting with HR chatbots.

Surveys enable HR leaders to gather input and useful information. The company’s information is kept in one location so that executives may access it and make the required changes.

✦ It tracks the personal & professional growth of employees

Employees that are engaged advance both personally and professionally. This indicates that the team meshes well. Additionally, it must be offering enough for you to be content. 

This gives the employee the impression that they are a good fit. Companies must therefore provide employees with more chances to improve.

But there is one thing that leaders need to know. Giving an employee a promotion is not the same as giving them a chance. 

Whether it is to develop personally or to learn. How can the significance of employee involvement be emphasized? Contribution fosters a sense of possibility and participation. helping to achieve the objectives of the organization while also learning.

✦ It improves the onboarding experience & retention

Everywhere you go, it might be scary to be a newcomer. Getting hired by a new company is frightening for new employees as well. Aside from that, look at all the new people there. 

It will be possible for executives to simplify the onboarding process with the aid of an employee engagement software. In order to make the new employee feel at ease, they can design it in that way.

Utilizing personnel data is also crucial. In order to increase retention, it helps to improve the employee experience. In an employee’s lifecycle, getting feedback, recognizing achievement, and sustaining connections with co employees are all essential. 

Because of this, leaders will be able to develop individualized retention plans and tactics with the use of their own data.

✦ It boosts employee productivity & business performance

The level of employee engagement or disengagement will be suggested by the software. Their engagement or disengagement has a significant impact on their output. 

This has a significant effect on corporate performance as well. Businesses will actually gain from an employee engagement software by integrating it to collect data and implement plans appropriately.

Wrapping Up

Employee engagement software is crucial and necessary for every business to have. 

Numerous studies show that it minimizes employee turnover, increases productivity and efficiency, improves customer happiness and retention, and boosts revenues.

Although all of the aforementioned software is appealing and capable, you must make sure that your choice is appropriate because your needs and expectations must come first when choosing employee engagement software.

Regardless of your choice, Zimyo is an employee engagement software that can significantly improve your company’s work culture. 

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