Top 10 common HR questions for interviews

Are you all ready to face the upcoming interview? If you are then, must have attended the same at least one or two times before and also know the things you need to keep in mind while the HR person asks you the questions. However, it doesn’t matter, if you are experienced or a novice in this field, you have to be all prepared for the upcoming event and get ready to give every basic interview questions and answers without a single hesitation.

Interviews are not very dreadful nor you have to mug up every detail for it, but your speaking ability and confidence will do the work. You can be prepared for the thing when you know the things you are going to say without being clueless. It happens that during the interviews people tend to get nervous and sometimes gives irrelevant replies, but if you are fully ready with your answers then you won’t have to fear from the same scenario. Also, you must not stress before you face the HR person and maintain ease.

You definitely know which places your strength and weaknesses lies thus when the questions will be asked you must be straight-faced and give the proper answers to each one. If you are confident sitting opposite the interviewer, you will be able to leave a good impression on the person and who knows, you might get hired!

Here are the 10 questions you will generally face:

  1. Tell me about yourself

This will be generally, the first thing you will be asked by the HR person, and you must get prepared for the same. There are so many people who understand the opposite of this question and they start to give their personal information like from their birth date, to their family status and all. However, if you begin with the same, your interviewer will smile or not but think of you as not suitable for the job at all. So to avoid such a scenario, you must plan the information regarding your education and job life. If you have done the study before you came for the interview then it will be a bonus point. You can add your knowledge in the answer, that the way this certain position can help you in the future. If you have done an internship before you can mention that too, and this one technique will not fail.

  1. Describe yourself

If you have mentioned the education part before then it’s really not necessary to repeat it, but describe your skills and ability in the work field. If you have worked in a target based industry before then mention the task completion ability of yours and how perfectly you can work under stress and how amazing is your teamwork. All of these will perfectly describe you and your best abilities. Also, mention your best attributes to drive towards apparent success. If you are looking for sample interview question and answers you can get that from the internet and you can wrap your mind around it just before the interview.

  1. Why are you suitable for this job?

This is kind of a tricky question from the side of the HR person, and you have to be very careful while answering. For the same thing, it will be better if you do some research on the position and the company you are going to attend and it will help you in the perfect way. Then when you are asked you will be able to reply with the reference to your research, and you it will definitely be a bonus point. Although, this is not one of the tough interview questions and answers, because your tactful answer will impress the interviewer for sure.

  1. Why do you need this job?

A job is necessary and every educated person seeks to utilize their educational qualities into some way, thus when you will be asked this question, try not to express over smartness and take the query very lightly. You must have done your research about the company, so start with the working opportunities of the place and the benefits they tend to offer, and if not then mention that you would like to learn from the best and want to accomplish a better future by working in that particular concern.

  1. What are your strengths?

Every company looks for the strength and weaknesses of their employees because these are the things that help in productivity and in the enhancement of the same. So when you are asked the question, don’t forget to mention all your strong point at work and mention that you are always adaptive to new things but try to avoid saying that you won’t require any training, because if the company is providing you some, you must welcome the same.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

This will be the next question from the HR person, and you must not uncover every little weakness of yours, but just the major ones that might be an issue at the workplace. Also, you must refrain saying that you are absolutely perfect because it might not impress your interviewer on a huge scale. You must remember that this question is for the honesty checking and you have to show the same to the interviewer.

  1. Why have you left your previous job?

If you have been working with another company previously then this can be the question from your interviewer. This is no tricky question but if you had any issues in the previous one and that is not worth mentioning to the new one, then you must avoid all the details and go for a general answer, like, some opportunities you weren’t getting any other normal things but try not to lash it out on your employers or colleagues from the previous place. Bad mouthing about the earlier working place will be on the list of your negativity and the HR person will take it as you will do the same when you face some grievance with their company too. Thus, try to refrain from the same.

  1. What is your greatest professional achievement by now?

If you have been able to make such then you must answer it and if you haven’t then gone for a simple answer that you have learned things that will help you in this place. However, if you make any achievement then it’s worth mentioning it, and it will be counted as the extra bonus in your skills. Your interviewer will be impressed too, and you might get the job as well.

  1. Mention the ways you will handle the challenges and conflicts in the workplace

Your interviewer wants to know about the behavioral parts of yours and how you are going to perform in such cases. You must handle the question tactfully and answer with patience, that you will be wise in such scenarios and would not do anything against the company rules and ethics. You will try to bring the issue to your immediate superior and not take serious issues in your own hand. Also, if there are challenges, you will make sure to meet the same.

  1. Describe the goals for your future?

As a seeker of a job, you must have a plan or goal for the future or the next 5 years, and you must depict the same to your interviewer. Just remember that the goals should not be personal but has to highly professional one, because if you say in the next five years you see yourself married and have a family, it won’t be regarded as a proper answer. Thus, you need to specify your professional goals to the HR person, like; you would love to see yourself in a better place and obviously by working hard so that you can support your family in a perfect way.

Giving an interview is no rocket science and if you are confident and have done your research well, then you will certainly ace the interview, no matter how tough the HR person looks or behaves.

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