8 Mistakes Managers Make While Hiring And Tips To Avoid Them

You have got various CVs of candidates, reviewed some their profiles and among them invited few persons to come to give an interview. You think you are ready to hire some new employees? Wait a minute. There is no doubt that you are an expert in running the business but it might not same when it comes to hiring people i.e. you may not deal with all the intricacies of the human resources. Any mistake in that can cause you to hire a not so good candidate while leaving out a great one. Department of Labor of U.S. showed that a single bad decision of hiring can make the company lose money worth 30% of one employee’s annual salary. This is the reason that before you make any offer to hire a person for your company, you must be sure that you are not making any common mistakes of hiring. To avoid such mistakes you have to know these mistakes first. Here are some of them and some tips to follow.

8 Mistakes Managers Make while Hiring and Tips to Avoid Them

1.      Rush the Process

It doesn’t matter whether there is brand new position or some other vacancies, you definitely want to fill the place with right candidates because your business needs to be run smoothly. You must not hire the first person you interviewed. You must slow down and make the right choice.

Tip: When you haven’t found a single candidate even after 5-6 onsite interviews, you should revisit the concerned job description again. Your initial criteria might have changed for a certain job profile.  

2.      Postponing Hiring Process

The opposite side of rushing a hiring is postponing the hiring process. This is a big mistake which will put you in a desperate need to fill the post later and it will tempting for you to hire any first person comes for the interview.

Tip: Create a proper hiring plan and point out the things your team and you will need in a candidate. Put 2-3 hours each week to concentrate on hiring till your hiring plan become successful.  

3.      Always Relying Your Gut Feeling

Moving forward in businesses are in most cases lead by the people who apply their gut their gut feelings to make certain business decisions. But it is important to be careful and persistent to back up any of your decisions in case things go wrong.

Tip: You must check some references and also ask some needful questions before jumping into hiring.  

4.      Not Checking If Fit for Company’s Culture

From a resume you can know a lot about one candidate’s skill-set and experience, but it is not enough. Each and every employee must be a proper fit for the company’s culture also.

Tip: Make some of the other team members of your company talk to each candidate. Keep taking interviews till you find the right person with right attitude and credentials.  

5.      Conducting only One Single Round of Interview

Only after a single interview don’t make your decision to hire someone.

Tip: You must take time to know the candidates. Do a phone interviewing before calling few from them calling onsite. Make sure at least two of your members talk to the candidate because you can compare all of these notes to make best decision.  

6.      Holding Too Much Interviews

Make a balance when it comes to a proper amount of interviews.

Tip: This is the reason you must do some phone interviews first and foremost. Then bring three to four key decision makers of your company to interview each of the selected candidate onsite. In some cases you can take more than two interviews by keeping third and final interview in your hand.  

7.      Only Talking Yourself and Not Listening

No matter what type of candidate you must listen to them first before continuously making your point because you may fail to identify a potential candidate for your company’s future.

Tip: Always stick to the list of questions. Don’t ask out of the context questions because you might get into some serious trouble. Though asking personal question might seem like an icebreaker, these are illegal. Ask thoughtful and lengthy questions to judge the candidate.  

8.      Not Using an Evaluation Form

You and your other interviewers must take interview of all candidates in a structured manner so that you can document the feedback later. Make a particular set of scorecards for each of the interviewers which have some outlines for each important criteria that you need to check for your company. When you are confused with 2-3 best options after all interview sections, this can help you to come to a great conclusion.

Tip: Create your own set of candidate evaluation scorecard based on your requirements.

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