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How Effective Employee Onboarding Impacts The Performance Of The Organization

On boarding is often underestimated in the organizations. New employees who are usually nervous on their first day in the office and remain silent for almost a couple of months to understand the atmosphere of the organization, find it difficult to give their best since the first day. But, this is not the right way. It significantly affects the performance of the employee as well as the organization. Let’s discuss how emphasizing on employee on-boarding best practices impacts the performance of the organization –

Saves organization’s assets with employee retention

We all are familiar with the adage well begun is half done, and a picture-perfect onboarding of the employee ensures his retention. No organization hires people only for a couple of years. They want their employees to stay for longer. Right onboarding improves the first impression of the organization. It enables him to develop healthy relationships and a pleasant atmosphere. Thus the time and money consumed in hiring and firing are saved.

Increase organization’s productivity

Right on boarding overwhelms an employee to see an organization showering respect, faith, and affection on him. It improves his productivity and ultimately the organization also performs well. Happy and contented employees always add to the value of the company.

Keeps the operations streamlined   

No organization can afford to get the work hampered. Ensuring quality and meeting deadlines are the primary policies that every company wants to maintain. Work hinders when an employee goes, and another comes. The new one takes time to understand and start working efficiently. When employees make the relationship with the management, they don’t think of resigning. Moreover, imagine the situation if HR department takes longer to fill the position.

Time to Proficiency Decreases

Time to proficiency is the time taken by the new joiner to start working efficiently. He takes time to understand the work culture and his responsibilities. Proper on boarding makes his goals, targets, and responsibilities clear to him. He is also clear about the co-operation he can expect from the management and his colleagues because administration briefs him about the same. He doesn’t need to guess or struggle to understand all the things in the next few months after joining.

Brings Positivity in his attitude and entire work culture

Proper onboarding fills the new employee with a positive attitude and the same vibes bring the positivity in the entire work culture. It sends a clear message to others as well that the company understands the value his employee and the management considers them worth investing its time. It implies that employers count on them and their efforts are valuable. The process of onboarding is misunderstood with ticking off the employee onboarding checklist, orientation paperwork and a small intro with everyone in the office on the same day. Effective onboarding goes beyond all this. Employee onboarding best practices to ensure effective onboarding Here are the employee onboarding best practices to ascertain efficient onboarding making company leverage all the benefits mentioned above –

  • Involve the whole management

The new employee who joins your company is the part of the entire company. So, it should be the holistic effort of the complete administration to get involved in onboarding. He should meet with every member to make sure that now everyone recognizes him as the part of the organization from now onwards.

Give him time to assimilate information

Usually, onboarding is the matter of one day in many corporate houses. He is introduced to everyone and told their names and designations at once. But is it possible to learn and remember everything in a single day? Make and execute employee onboarding process steps for everything and give him time to assimilate the information he is gathering in the company.

Tell him your plans and expectations for him

The new employee knows that it’s his new job and he must perform his best. But, if the management makes him clear about the expectations of the company from him, he becomes self-evident and determined. He should also be told about the plans the company has made for him. The vision he will generate through all this will lead his way.

Tell him the cultural and social life of the workplace

When everybody is busy in planning for any activity or party, the new employee doesn’t know what is happening. He is busy in guessing what might happen next which hampers his performance. Explain him the work culture and social life of the company. So, he does not waste time in guessing, rather participate with everyone like he has been the part of the company for long.

Make him understand the value of developing a relationship

Make him understand the importance of developing relationships because the organization does not hire people rather it establishes a connection. He is just not a mere employee of the company, instead, he is the stakeholder because he will get the opportunity to grow with the company. When these things are made intelligible in words instead of making him observe implicitly, the employee becomes a valuable asset for the company.

  • Use employee onboarding software

Use of employee onboarding software helps to eliminate manual onboarding tasks as well as automate back-office administration. It helps in building induction programs, and the organization can connect new hires with their team before the first day at work. The software streamlines internal employee movements and also offboard exiting employees securely.


Do not leave the responsibilities of onboarding a new joiner only on HR Department because it entails combined efforts. The employee is going to work with the team, and management, not with the HR department. Survey your employees and make an employee onboarding checklist. It should be considered as important as documentation. Make it informal by taking the new joiner on lunch with the team on the first day. Employees are the building blocks of any company and happy employees contribute to the performance of the company potentially. Right onboarding makes their opinion about the organization optimistic, and they reflect the same in their attitude. So, don’t underestimate the potency of onboarding new employees strategically.


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