10 Tips To Make Employees Use Social HRMS

It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not but social media is slowly becoming critical in the HR process. It is a fact that the HR department has gained a lot form the rise of social media. It is because of this reason that human resources are integrated with social media these days. Social HRMS is known to bring a great deal of transparency in the whole process. To put in other words, the whole recruitment process has been transformed with the use of social HRMS. Social HRMS has provided the recruiters a new of exploring and finding suitable candidates for the industry. Back in the day’s jobs were published in newspapers and magazines where candidates sued to send in their paper resumes. In fact, the whole hiring process was dependent on a lot of paperwork. But with the integration of social media with human resources, the recruitment process has become quite faster. Not only that, but it has also become cost effective as well. Social media can help the recruiters to reach a large pool of people at once. This also increases the chances of finding the right candidate for the organization. Employees have also gained a lot from the use of social media. It promotes effective communication which bridges the gaps that are created by global barriers.  It is because of social HRMS that even employees have the right to voice their opinion, provide suggestions and ask questions. With the use of social HRMS, you can empower your employees and thus, increase their morale. Not only that, but it also encourages to interact with each other which in return helps you to achieve better productivity at work and thus, promoting the growth of your business.

Tips To Follow

In order to get your employees to use social HRMS, you need to reframe your HRMS approach. Here are a few tips that can help you to get your employees to use social HRMS. Follow the tips given below in order to encourage your employees.  

1. Start them early:

Change has never been easy especially when it is related to work. The same goes for the implementation of social HRMS in your company. When it comes to your employees, social HRMS can also be used for the hiring process. This will help your employees to get accustomed to the system and thus, they will be able to use it when working for your organization. Also, you should lay more stress on the use of social HRMS as a part of the onboarding This will encourage your employees to make use of it. You can create online discussion opportunities and groups and use LinkedIn to connect new employees. Also, you can direct them towards relevant content so that they are able to understand the organization better.

2. Train and educate your employees:

Social media has emerged to be the new cornerstone for the companies. Social media has a lot of potentials to attract and engage customers which the companies should take advantage of. Other than that it can also be used to promote effective communication between the employees of your organization. In order to make the most of it, you should train and educate your employees to use social HRMS. By educating them you will be able to provide them with a new way of looking at it.  Also, training them in a particular niche will increase their interest to use it.

3. Set guidelines:

Apart from training and educating your employees about the use of social audit HRMS you should also provide them with a set of guidelines. Your employees should know what to post and what not to post online. You are required to provide them with guidelines that will encourage them to maintain polite behavior You also need to be aware that making use of social media can put your brand into a spot if there is bad content posted on the web. Share the guidelines with all your staff and employees so that they can go through it.

4. Cut down on the formality:

When it comes to social media, physical locations and job titles are very much marginalized. Social HRMS can be used as an effective way of communicating and breaking down traditional ways.

5. Keep a check on the negatives:

It is very risky to put employee communications online. That’s because it can lead to many problems which may discourage the use of social media. In order to deal with this, you are required to take a few safety measures:

  • reduce the chances of malicious activity such as spam emails, fraud and virus attacks.
  • create a safe place where your employees can express their criticism in order to avoid random negative complaints and posts which may disrupt the normal and peaceful functioning of your organization.
  • publish a social media policy as well. This is important so that you can encourage the right use of it and also identify any specific prohibitions.

6. Provide your employees with a reason to engage:

In order to encourage your employees to make use of social HRMS, you need to give them a legit reason. You need to show them how they can benefit themselves from using it. There are employees who are very active on various social media platforms and then there are others who hardly have any knowledge about it. You need to adjust your expectations based on your employees.

7. Make social media a part of content submission:

Content creation and submission on social media should be made mandatory. This will also help you to simplify your business processes as well. Using social media will fill up the gap between content creation and submission.

8. Identify social champions:

Identity who your social champions are. Encourage your employees to get involved in social media especially the ones who have attended the training session. Also, find out the ones who are already engaged online.

9. Be responsive:

There is nothing more discouraging than not getting any response when an employee posts an idea related to solving a business problem or an idea about a new product or service. It is important for you to respond back so that they stay motivated to use the social media HRMS system. You don’t have to agree with the suggestion posted by your employee but replying back is what is needed. The main purpose of social HRMS to promote a healthy discussion, debate, and communication among the employees. You also need to be quick with your replies. Most importantly you also need to think carefully before replying back.

10. Communicate, don’t broadcast:

One of the main mistakes that people commit is made use of social HRMS to broadcast messages within the organization. It is true that it is a great place to share important messages and corporate information. But it is more important that you communicate with your employees on the platform. This way you will be able to keep your employees up-to-date about the latest developments in the organization. You can ask for feedback from your employees on a certain idea. This will give you an idea about what your employees think about the proposal. However, you need to be very careful with the type of conversation that you would want to encourage. You also need to be very inviting. This will help you to keep your employees motivated to use social HRMS.   With the help of the tips, you can easily get your employees to use social HRMS. This will help you to promote an effective form of communication between your employees within the organization. Not only that, but you can also reap plenty of other benefits as well.

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