Strategies for Measuring Employee Mood

The most vital part of any organization is its human resource. The sweat, dedication, and hard work of the members make any company successful. For anyone to reach their full potential depends on their mood for the day. Feeling enthusiastic and happy will always give better results than the one with Monday blues.

Organizations must know and analyze the employee’s moods regularly to determine the kind of organizational climate which prevails at a given time.

Benefits of employee mood tracking.

Feelings and mood play an important role in the enthusiasm and workings of an employee, directly affecting the organizational culture and goals. Using an employee mood tracker has numerous benefits, some of them being:

1.Creating a safe space to feel

Sometimes we get too caught up in work that we forget to address our emotions and feelings, how we feel in a day. To ensure that the employees pay attention to themselves, it’s crucial to have their moods tracked for the day, ensuring mindfulness in the workplace.

2.Get an insight

As the employees themselves are in charge of their mood tracking, it helps them keep track of their moods and feelings and change their lifestyles accordingly to be in a better place. For instance, if an employee always feels sleepy, the record will help them analyze to have a better and revised sleep schedule or if someone has excess of occupational stress, it would be better for them to take a break.

3.Transparency of emotions

A mood tracker in an organization tells about all the employee’s moods under one roof promoting transparency and helping the co-workers to have knowledge about each other’s mood for the day and act accordingly. It also leads to striking communications and sharing of emotions that help lift the weight of a person’s heart and feel light and heard.

Better working environment

Create transparency of emotions among co-workers promoting better team work.

4.Analyse patterns

Tracking of mood helps in analyzing patterns as to when and why your attitude is in a specific way. It might be due to a particular cause, such as skipping meals, lack of sleep, or overtime. Having a detailed pattern helps identify the cause and solve it for a better environment in the organization.

5.Boosts self-care

An employee mood tracker lets the employee analyze and acknowledge their feelings instead of neglecting them, and it’s a trait of self-care to recognize one’s moods and sentiments rather than just leading the life of this corporate world. This tool thus helps in boosting the self-care properties in the employees.

6.A sense of belongingness

Talking about your feelings on the portal and letting your co-workers know about your today’s mood sometimes strikes some healthy conversations among the employees, leading to a heart-to-heart discussion and lighting the weight of sadness from oneself, making them feel heard and elated also boosting a sense of trust and belongingness in the organization, leading to better team work.

Improve relationship among employees

Promote transparency and healthy conversations among co- workers with Zimyo.

As we now know what a crucial role mood tracking plays in smooth functioning and especially in building relationships in an organization, it is a necessary procedure to be performed in a systematic manner. Tracking thousands of employee moods daily and keeping its records statistically is a complicated and chaotic task with loads of confusion for the managers as well as employees. To eliminate this challenge and have all the records systematically stacked up under one roof, companies like Zimyo have launched the feature of measuring their employee’s moods and morals on a regular basis and keeping reports for each entity.

Good HR software contains numerous features, from employee onboarding to payroll software; everything that an organization needs is carried out by HR software nowadays. 

Along with these commendable features, one more feature that adds to the benefits of HR software is the employee mood-tracking feature. 

Features of a good employee tracking software

1.Multiple user friendly

Make sure the employee mood tracker you opt for is multiple user-friendly and not confined to a specific number. A restricted amount of allowed employees might cause hindrances in the future during hiring process when thinking of expanding your business.

2.Has numerous choices

When an employee is chasing their mood for today, they must be presented with a variety of options to choose from instead of being confined to only 4-5 choices. An ample amount of choices will help them describe their mood more precisely and in a detailed manner rather than just choosing something that lies close to their actual feeling due to a lack of options.

3.Emoticons and catchy display

It’s vital to go for an employee mood tracker that has an eye-catching and impressive display. For instance, there could be stickers or emoticons on the places where the choices among various moods are provided. This will keep the employees engaged and encourage them to use the feature and put them in their mood for the day on a regular basis instead of just side-lining it.

Attractive display

Go for Zimyo's employee mood tracker that has remarkable display to keep your employees engaged.

4.Statistic report/ calendar

A calendar or systematic report must be maintained for a specific period containing the employees’ chosen moods daily on what day. This tool will help in easy identification and analysis of the mood patterns of the employees and whether it’s due to a particular cause leading them to have needed changes in their life to have an improved mood in the upcoming time.

The bottom line

In the blog, it has come out loud and clear to us why an employee mood tracker is a need for every organization and should be kept in consideration as a requirement while choosing HR software for your organization. Tracking your employee’s mood daily and keeping track might sound a bit of an unnecessary task, but if paid attention to, it can do wonders for a company opting for this method. 

Zimyo and many other companies nowadays have HR software that has numerous features for your organization’s smooth functioning, an employee mood tracker being one of them.

Apart from others, Zimyo has the #1 employee experience and leading the market of HR software not just nationally but internationally as well, with happy customers all around. The tool contains all the necessary features that an organization needs in an employee mood tracker, also mentioned in the blog above. From catchy emoticons and numerous choices to streamlined reports, Zimyo has all your requirements sorted. 

If looking for an employee mood tracker, Zimyo’s HR software must be kept in consideration.

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