Advanced Features of Attendance Management System – A gift from IT

Information technology or IT is a branch of science that deals with computer-based information systems. Simply put, it works with software applications and computer hardware. Hr software is also the courtesy of IT.

Today, the majority of HR functions including attendance and leave management are undertaken by the attendance management software that even provides advanced features. Just imagine the burden of manual management of excel sheets and manual marking of staff attendance. Nobody has the time for such conservative ways now. Thanks to IT, we don’t even need that kind of time anymore. With HRMS attendance management software, we have got that covered. Attendance management system is fully automated and with features like employee self-service, an employee can mark his attendance in the blink of an eye.

Every attendance tracking system is equipped with some basic features, but it is the advanced features that attract us to opt for them.

Advanced Features of an Attendance Tracking System:

Cloud-based Attendance Management Software

The term cloud implies the ability of a system to update data on a secure online platform. Cloud attendance tracking makes sure that the logged e-attendance is securely saved for later reference. Such e-data is accessible to anybody with a login allowance, a device, and an internet connection. With attendance login and logout time that is saved on the cloud, evaluation of the hours worked by the employees becomes convenient. The cloud-based attendance portal offers a plethora of benefits and is one of the best gifts that IT has given us. Some benefits offered by this attendance tracking system include:

  • Accessibility- The online attendance data can be viewed anytime with a device as handy as a smartphone through an attendance app. Gone are the days when one needed to sit in front of the computer to make things work.
  • Payroll Integration- Payroll processing becomes as simple as it can get. With the data stored on the cloud, calculations of days and time worked can be formulated and the payrolls can be structured accordingly. This feature also counts for paid holidays and leave approval requests based on the preset leave and attendance policy.
  • Efficient Communication- Since the online attendance data is accessible from anywhere, one can find out about an employee’s availability at a given time without contacting them.
  • Saves Time and Money- Payroll errors may cost you a fortune because of a simple manual error. But with easy access to data on the cloud and payroll integration, this chaos is shunned. Moreover, the time wasted in maintaining attendance records in excel sheets and processing payrolls is also spared.

Biometric Attendance Tracker

The biometric employee attendance software incorporates smart methods to ensure zero fraud of proxies while marking attendance online. Tools like the attendance punching machine or the attendance thumb machine have become orthodox now. The modern way is face-recognition or fingerprints! Since everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, attendance management using face recognition is a win-win. The best way to exploit this function is to ask your employees to install a dedicated biometric attendance app on their mobile phones.

This is another revolutionary invention by information technology in HRMS time and attendance management. The pros of an attendance biometric system are as follows:

  • It spares the time that is used by the employees to mark their in and out time in the files. It also makes it easy to manage employee attendance reports.
  • The time is well-accounted with the help of this system, therefore, overtime and breaks have become simple calculations.
  • Sometimes, the attendance biometric devices also alert the employees about the extra hours they put in their job. This helps the employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It is chilling to comprehend how far we have come in terms of technology. The digitalization that we witness today has done wonders for the way we work. Everything from recruitment to the payroll software is a gift from information technology to us.

For how much we are equipped with today, we are nothing but spellbound by the innovations that IT has put forward. While it is an ongoing trend, people still engage in manual labor unnecessarily. My advice? Boost your productivity by going online now!

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