10 Features that your Attendance Management Software must have

Tracking of employee working hours is one of the most important functions of the Human Resource Department. As business organizations are growing at a rapid speed, it is getting relatively difficult to track the time and attendance of employees. Though, with technological advancements taking place, the time has gone when attendance was managed through the manual distribution of badges and shifts to employees.

Today, a wide range of Time and Attendance Management Software is available in the market that offers a great deal of transparency and autonomy to employees. For managers, it turned out to be a support system in their busy schedule as it reduces the burden of attendance management from their shoulders and saves their time for more important tasks of the organization. But without a reliable Attendance Management System, a lot of complicated issues, payroll errors, and numerous other mistakes keep on happening in the business firms and companies. So let’s have a look at 10 features that you Attendance Management Software must have:

What is Attendance Management Software?

Attendance Management System or Attendance Tracking System refers to the technology meant for simplifying the process of keeping a check on employee time theft by prompt tracking of employee working hours, arrival and login time, breaks, departures, and time off. HRMS Attendance Software can communicate with Time-attendance devices and is capable of bringing data from different geographical locations in the designated centralized office. 

10 Features that your Attendance Management Software must have-

Close integration with Payroll

The attendance summary generated by Attendance Management System must be closely integrated with payroll information so that there would be no need for manual intervention to process payroll with attendance.

Automated Communication

Attendance Tracking System must be capable of communicating regularly with Time & Attendance, HRMS, or other Access Control Devices of the firm with no manual intervention. Even if the devices are located at different geographical locations, there should be no hindrance in the way of automated communication.  

Single interface for complete data

Organizational Data concerned with attendance tracking, time tracking, leave management, overtime and shift plans must be displayed in a single interface for a better understanding of data for each employee and quick decision making.

Shift Planner

With the help of a Shift Planner, the Attendance Management system can allocate employees to their respective shifts every day. Working hours of employees can also be calculated based on Clock in/out times and shifts that are assigned to the employee for the day by attendance software. 

Enables Decision Making

Cloud Attendance Management Software should enable higher-order management to take decisions efficiently based on KPIs and must give managers a complete overview of time and attendance tracking for better understanding.

Interpretation of Attendance Data

Employee time and attendance software should be capable of interpreting different clock in/out timings throughout the day and organize this data in a manner that is useful and meaningful to users.

Aggregation of Data 

Attendance Management System should be able to collect required data from Time-Attendance or Access Control devices. It must allow employees to sign in using their ESS Portal and should be able to import data from other databases and devices.

User-defined Attendance Criteria

Users of Time and Attendance Software should be able to categorize time and attendance related information as per their wish like ‘Training’, ‘Meetings’, ‘Work from home’, ‘Client Visit’ etc.

Abiding by company rules

All companies have their own set of rules. Their arrival and departure regulations are also based on these rules. Attendance or Time Tracking Software must be capable of aligning itself with the rules of the company so that extra manual workings can be avoided.


Concerned employees and managers must be timely notified of their schedules, shifts, and all important events of the organization through the Attendance Management system. It reduces any sort of wastage of time and increases productivity.

Replacement of manual method of time and attendance tracking along with moving past the paper-based documentation and timesheets is gradually becoming a necessary step towards modernization.  Cloud Attendance Management Software saves a lot of time, reduces administrative workload, maintains errorless attendance records, and eliminates numerous obstacles in the time and attendance tracking process.

Hence embracing technology with above mentioned 10 features that your Attendance Management Software must have will not only reduce the burden of the Human Resource Department but will also increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

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