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Best ways to track time and attendance in an organization

Attendance management and time trackings are time-consuming and tedious tasks, and only those who are engaged in this work will truly understand it. But at the same time, it’s also one of the most significant tasks in an organization that requires a lot of attention and even a slightest of nonchalance can result in a huge loss. Hence, all the records concerned with employee attendance management must be properly generated. So let’s have a look at best ways to track time and attendance in an organization-

Move on from traditional paperwork and spreadsheets

These days when organizations are growing rapidly, handling and storing complete employee attendance and payroll related information is getting difficult through spreadsheets. If this data is to be managed manually, then it will leave you with nothing but extreme frustration and fatigue. The increasing quantity of paperwork and documents meant for each employee can be massive and would require a great hard work of a big workforce. 

But now an amazing alternative to these problems exists in the form of Time and Attendance Management Software. It is a digital solution that will complete numerous tasks that are to be done by the HR department in just a few clicks while taking no time. Cloud Attendance software diminishes the risk of loss of data and provides complete security from any sort of theft or damage. It also reduces the chances of errors that can never be eliminated with the presence of human elements.

Experience a Cloud Solution

One of the best ways to track time and attendance in an organization is to integrate your attendance management system with HRMS software. There are several HR software available in the market like Zimyo that adapt themselves with your organizational requirements. 

They provide a complete Human Resource management solution and outstanding customer support. Zimyo Cloud Attendance Management Software will offer you leave management and payroll management features along with its core feature of time and attendance tracking. A Cloud solution will save a lot of time and will boost the overall productivity of the organization.

Use an App to simplify working

Using an attendance tracking system that has a mobile application will reduce the workload of managers to a great extent and will make employees’ work accessible on the go. Such software allows HR managers to plan shifts for employees and assign their tasks accordingly. They can manage employees directly from any location through their mobile phones with an Internet connection. 

Having an app for recording attendance will be convenient for employees and will give them access to their data within minutes right in their hands. Use of Attendance management software through a mobile application will provide you a simple, yet extremely intelligent flow leading to positive user experience. Incorporation of GPS tracking in attendance management software will further lead to more convenience.


Attendance management is one of the most crucial tasks in a business firm where even the slightest inaccuracy or misconduct would lead to a huge loss. Also, many organizations have a remote workforce but it does not mean that their presence is not required to be tracked. Knowing whether they are productive is very important. The new business environment has new requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the manual or traditional methods of attendance management for which the knowledge of the best ways to track time and attendance in an organization is vital. Thus choosing HRMS attendance management software that will automate time and attendance tracking and avoid miscalculations will be a huge support for your business firm.

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