Attendance-regularization | Meaning and Definition

What is Attendance regularization?

Attendance regularization is a feature of employee self service that allows the employees to rectify the mistake in attendance. By using the attendance-regularization, employees can prevent the loss of pay in salary and help HR teams to save time in manually calculating employees attendance. Employees’ attendance entries may be inaccurate if they forget to check in or out or if a technological issue causes an inaccurate entry. Workers can use attendance regularization to submit a request and input the accurate attendance entry as well as the basis for the need.

While working remotely, the person can punch in and out using an attendance management software. Similarly, employees who are working from their homes can apply for ‘working from home’ using the attendance regularization option. The attendance-regularization request is raised to the reporting manager or HR, depending on the software structure set up. When a regularization request is authorized, it will appear in real-time on the attending page.

HR professionals must prepare a variety of reports on various employee metrics, which becomes tedious when they must also evaluate the data in order to deliver actionable insights. By using the attendance management software, HR professionals can generate real-time attendance reports to make their work more efficient. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Regularization is a feature that is provided to employees to correct their attendance themselves.

It is necessary to regularize the attendance as payroll of an employee is linked to their attendance.

If the employee passes the probationary period, the employee becomes a “regularized” or “regular” employee

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