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Passive Candidate | Meaning and Definition

What is a passive candidate?

A passive candidate is an individual who is not currently looking for a job but who would be open to new opportunities if the right one presented itself. Employers often overlook passive candidates because they aren’t actively pursuing a position, but several benefits to recruiting passive candidates. 

Passive candidates are usually highly qualified and experienced individuals already employed, and it may be difficult to lure them away from their current position. However, if you can identify and attract these candidates, you can avoid competing with other companies for their services. Furthermore, passive candidates are usually more committed to their job and less likely to leave after a short period.


There are a few key characteristics that make someone a passive candidate:

First, passive candidates tend to have great experiences. They may have been working in the same field for many years and have a wealth of knowledge. And because they’re not actively job-seeking, they’re often more loyal to their current employer.

Second, passive candidates usually have a strong network. They know many people in their industry and can be a valuable resource for networking and referrals.

Lastly, passive candidates are often hard to find. They’re not actively searching for jobs, so you’ll need to use your network and other resources to reach them.


How to attract passive candidates?

  •   Employee referrals are a great way to attract passive candidates because employees are more likely to refer to someone they know and trust.
  •   Social media outreach is also a great way to reach out to passive candidates, especially if your company has a strong social media presence.
  •   Targeted job advertising is a great way to specifically target passive candidates who may be interested in your opening.
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