Job Poaching | Meaning and Definition

What is Job poaching?

Job poaching meaning is a company’s deliberate decision to place an individual or group of employees who are already employed by a competitor. Poaching talent from a rival is a business strategy that may help a company’s staff while also depriving a competitor of talent. Although the term “poaching” refers to illicit hunting, job poaching is not and is a common practice in any industry.

Poaching is widespread in areas where high-demand technical talents, such as coding, software engineering, or data analysis, are in great demand. Employees with in-demand abilities are in great demand, and recruiters may offer better pay and perks to attract them to leave their current company and bring their expertise with them. 

To deal with job poaching, several businesses entered into agreements against poaching with their competitors, vowing not to hire or recruit people from their competitors. Employees in such job markets were robbed of the chance to explore better prospects and bargain for greater compensation because of these agreements, which limited competition for employees.

Some firms also strive to prevent staff poaching by assisting employees in feeling connected to the company. They might do it by cultivating a positive business culture or arranging projects or events that make employees feel like they are part of a team. Employees will be less likely to leave the organization for another employment.

Is it legal to poach employees?

No, employee poaching from a competitor is not legal.  However, it can be also seen as unethical as poaching an employee to get the trade secrets and confidential information is not rights as per the business standards.

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