Employee Onboarding | Meaning and Definition

What is Employee Onboarding? 

Employee onboarding is the process of acquainting a new employee with the business’s regulations, position in the organization, and culture. It also entails establishing an environment in which employees feel at ease enough to freely communicate with their co-workers and form social interactions in the office.

It includes having the employee submit the proper documentation in order to comply with labor laws, as well as providing them with all of the tools they require to accomplish their job successfully. Employees learn what the company expects of them in terms of abilities, communication style, and attitude during onboarding.

Onboarding starts the minute an applicant accepts a job offer and concludes when a new employee is completely integrated and performs as expected, according to HR pros. Providing all new workers with a thorough, efficient, and consistent introduction to their new company is a sensible investment, whether or not an organization delivers all of the onboarding aspects on the list.

There are no restrictions on how long it should take to onboard a new employee. However, if you want to enhance employee involvement and decrease staff turnover, you must be comprehensive in this approach. 

Steps in onboarding process

The whole onboarding process includes various steps:

  • Sending offer letter to the candidate
  •  Hiring of employee
  • Office visit 
  • Introduction with other employees in organization
  • Providing various documents to employees related to the organization
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