Shops and Establishment Act | Meaning

The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 2017

It works towards conditions of services and regulation of employment. It came into effect on and from December 20, 2017. This act replaced the previous act, which was called Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 1948. This reformation was brought about to make certain changes in need which are mainly:

  •       The first and the foremost need was to increase the ease of being a part of business and operating it smoothly.
  •       In order to make the legal provisions more contemporary.
  •       It was to be implemented throughout the country in an almost uniform statute.


Description of the Act

The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act of 2017 dictates, among other things:

  •       The working hours of an employee.
  •       The overtime worked by an employee is apart from the usual schedule.
  •       The total hours of business operations.
  •       To throw light on the safety and welfare of the workers.
  •       Compensatory of leave encashment, leave, and holidays.
  •       Protection of women, working hours for women, proper transportation of women for night shifts, overtime, or nighttime duties.
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