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Approval Chain | Meaning and Definition

What is the approval chain meaning?

An approval chain is a sequential process of approvals based on the designed hierarchy. In other words, it’s a way of ensuring that decisions are made in an orderly fashion and that everyone has an opportunity to provide input before a final decision is made. 

The approval chain can be used in both business and personal settings. For example, a company might use an approval chain to make sure that all decisions are made at the highest level possible and that lower-level employees only make decisions after getting input from their managers.

Importance of approval chain in an organization

The purpose of an approval chain like leave approval is to ensure that all proposed actions or decisions are reviewed and authorized by the appropriate management level and that only those proposals that meet the organization’s standards are approved. 

The importance of an approval chain cannot be overemphasized. An effective approval chain helps to ensure that only high-quality proposals are approved while also ensuring that decisions are made at the right level in the organization. Furthermore, an effective approval chain can help prevent costly mistakes by ensuring that all proposed actions and decisions are appropriately vetted. 

What is leave approval?

Leave approval is a process by which an employer reviews and approves an employee’s leave request. Typically, employers will have policies and procedures in place for leave requests. These policies and procedures usually include deadlines for submitting leave requests, the required documentation, the maximum number of days an employee can be out on leave, etc.

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