Candidate Centric Recruiting | Meaning and Definition

What is candidate-centric meaning for recruiting? 

Candidate centric recruiting is a process where the focus is on the candidate and not the company. It means that the company takes the time to understand what the candidate is looking for in a job and their goals. Then, they work to find a position that meets those needs. 

It cannot be easy to find a good fit job. Still, candidate-centric recruiting makes it easier by providing candidates with opportunities tailored specifically to them. This approach also helps companies find qualified candidates who may be a good fit for their open positions. 

Benefits of Candidate Centric Recruiting 

  • Increased efficiency – when you are looking for a specific skill set or role, it is much easier to target your recruitment efforts if you know who you are looking for. You can save time and money by not casting a wide net and instead focusing on candidates who already have the skills you need.


  • Better quality hires – by targeting candidates who are a good fit for your company, you are more likely to make a good hire. Focusing on culture fit and skillset means that new employees will be more likely to be successful in their roles.
  • Higher retention rates – Hiring the right person for the job is key to reducing turnover rates. When employees quit, it costs time and money to replace them. By making sure that your new hires are a good fit for your company, you can reduce the likelihood of them leaving in the future.
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