Career Break | Meaning and Definition

What is Career Break? 

It is a time taken off from work that has been agreed upon for family reasons or personal or professional growth. Career vacations normally last between one and two years, while some individuals choose for shorter breaks – such as one month – to try out new hobbies and see if they enjoy them before devoting to a prolonged period of time.

Career breaks “have been increasingly popular in recent years as employees strive to achieve a better balance in their life-work. Volunteer work, travel or hiking, training & development, care of family or children, and paid job overseas are just a few of the reasons why individuals take a professional sabbatical.

Opting for it might appear to be a risky option at first, but it might turn out to be one of the finest decisions you ever make. A professional career sabbatical might help you grow and enhance your abilities, discover inspiration, or even begin a new career path. 

They are frequently unpaid; however, some employers may give a reduced rate or pay a retainer to ensure an employee’s return to work. The majority of sabbaticals are unpaid. They are defined as extended periods of unpaid leave. Typically, most careers break only a few months.

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