Career Paths | Meaning and Definition

What is a Carrer Path? 

A career path or career track is a set of actions you can take in your professional life to grow into new or more advanced jobs. It’s a succession of occupations and experiences that assist people in achieving their long-term professional ambitions.

Employees aren’t the only ones who profit when they choose their own career track. Employees that are more involved in their jobs and have a long-term engagement with the firm help firms as well. Not only does this boost employee morale, but it also boosts employee productivity.

To succeed in a certain professional track, an individual must be ready to learn new skills on a regular basis, network with colleagues, and occasionally make a lateral move in order to advance in the long run. Individuals must also be able to adapt their objectives if their requirements or preferences change.

Types Of Career Paths

They are mainly of two types –

  • Vertical Career Path – Based on an individual’s desire for greater or reduced employment duty and time involved, this kind of path encompasses either promotion to higher-level positions or migration to lower-level ones.
  • Horizontal Career Path – This type includes lateral mobility inside a company, between industries, or across several industries, based on a person’s desire to learn new skills or experience new things.
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