Candidates Per Hire | Meaning and Definition

What is Candidates Per Hire? 

Candidates Per Hire is an important recruiting metric that determines how many applicants are required in the funnel to fill a single position and ensure successful recruitment.

This assessment provides you with information about your performance and streamlines the whole task when you are looking to hire candidates. Your projection of the number of Candidates per Hire will grow more trustworthy over time as you hire more people for the same job.

Improving Candidates Per Hire

  • The first step in increasing your applicant per hire rate is to examine your job postings. A candidate source report may be used to cross-reference. It is important to check which paid job boards are giving you quality prospects if you’re utilizing them. Increase your reliance on the sources that are providing you with results. Spend less on those who aren’t. If you’re currently utilizing free job posting sites, it might be time to upgrade to a premium job posting.
  • Another thing to check is your job descriptions. If you’re having trouble finding competent candidates, it’s possible that your job descriptions are to blame. Make sure you’re writing about the position in a way that will appeal to the individuals you want to hire.
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