Candidate portal | Meaning and Definition

What is Candidate portal?

Candidate Portal is a centralized, secure website where applicants may apply for positions, submit documents, check for changes, examine job offers, and reply to them. They eliminate extra stages and provide direct communication between the candidate and the company’s HR department. It is an important platform for recruiting and other reasons.

Benefits Of Candidate Portal

  •   Promotes Brand – The company will become renowned as a location where top talent wants to work if you have a solid candidate portal in place, which will increase your chances of attracting excellent talent. As a consequence, you’ll receive a wider range of applications and a larger talent pool from which to choose.
  •   Organization Of Resumes – One of the biggest advantages of making use of this platform is the organization of resumes which gets easier. All resumes are stored in one location using a these portal. For easier access and evaluation, you may tag, share, save, or bookmark resumes in a folder. This structure of the candidate portal makes it easier for you to hunt down potential prospects and makes talent acquisition more transparent.
  •   Reduces Cost of Hiring & Time – In addition, by eliminating inconsistencies and data redundancy across the recruiting process, a candidate portal will lower the cost of recruitment. According to studies, 70% of companies believe that employing a terrible match for a position is more expensive than leaving the post open. As a result, firms stand to gain a lot by using these portals instead of outdated methods for choosing applications.
  •   Informed Decisions – The automatic test scoring tool will then assist recruiters in ranking applicants based on their performance on the test, making prospect comparisons stress-free. You may also add an analysis form template to the candidate site to help with the internal application review.
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