Candidate-persona | Meaning and Definition

What is Candidate Persona?

A candidate’s persona meaning is a fictionalized version of the ideal applicant for a position.

Candidate personas are similar to buyer personas, which have been in use for a very long time by most the marketing teams to identify and target an organization’s best consumers — but instead of targeting a potential buyer, applicant personas assist recruiters in identifying the ideal candidate. Candidate personas help the employers actually get into the heads of their prospective prospects by combining industry data, hiring trends, and personal anecdotes.

Data on an applicant’s job experience, abilities, credentials, and education are used to create a typical candidate persona. The most effective applicant personas, on the other hand, go beyond the material on a résumé and look into other, less visible characteristics that make someone the ideal hiring for the position.

Importance Of Candidate Persona

  •   Candidate personas aid in the identification of talent acquisition strategy flaws. One may close these gaps by developing an ideal candidate persona for the kind of individuals you wish to hire in order to increase diversity in your company. In this manner, you’ll be able to increase the diversity of your employment efforts. The correct persona will assist you in proactively targeting the right sort of people who will bring a varied range of personalities, fresh ideas, and new experiences to the table.


  •   According to recent studies, identifying the ideal applicant through an unstructured interview process only works out approximately 30% of the time. Your recruiting procedures will be structured thanks to the applicant persona, which will definitely improve your rate of success in identifying the perfect job candidate.
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