Top 8 Interview Scheduling Software in India

Though it is beneficial on the one hand, if we take a look on the other side, easy access to job portals has made the task of hiring more challenging and confusing for the hiring team. With easy access to applying for jobs through an online portal, the potential candidates are seen applying for various positions at the same time, finding their best fit. With an enormous amount of job applications in their hand, the hiring team gets puzzled and overwhelmed.

For a company to work to its full potential, it’s very crucial to appoint employees who can provide the best-desired outcome and lead the organization to a better future.

To ensure a safe and sound hiring procedure without any complications, a process that makes the hiring procedure much more manageable and chaos free for the managers and candidates is needed for every growing company.

Interview scheduling software is a must for a hassle-free and smooth hiring process. To make the concept of interview scheduling software more clear to you, let us discuss it in more detail.

What is an interview scheduling software?

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An interview scheduling software is a tool that streamlines the process of hiring candidates in a sophisticated manner making it less time-consuming and conducting it in a more organized way.

From coordinating with the hiring team, scheduling interviews, and providing feedback to making the final hiring, everything is taken care of timely with interview scheduling software.

The use of this software is beneficial not only for the managers but also for the potential candidates. As the hiring process is sped up, the candidates do not have to spend a lifetime waiting for their results. 

The result is told to them in an acceptable period, giving them ample time to adjust according to the company’s policies in case they are selected and to move on and look for different jobs in case they are rejected. 

Conveying the results in a timely manner also portrays a punctual and ethical image of the company in front of people. A delayed hiring process represents an unprofessional image of the organization and, at the same time, takes up a lot of time for the hiring team.

An automated interview scheduling allows them to schedule their interview according to their preference within the available time slot provided by the recruiters. This takes away the task of interview schedule from the hiring team, giving them more time to focus on other, more important events, increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Features of interview scheduling software

top interview scheduling software in india

To understand the working of an interview scheduling software in a detailed manner, it’s important to discuss its functionalities. Some of the features of this tool are:

1. Prescreening Automation

As talked about earlier how a company is sometimes flooded with job applications, this AI based tool analyzes and reviews each and every application in comparison with the predetermined criteria of hiring set by the company, it automatically screens and rejects the unfit candidates and shortlists those whose profile fits suitable with the job requirements. 

This feature helps in saving ample amount of time and efforts of the hiring team by only talking to the potential candidates and eliminating the applications that are useless for the company.

2. Work Calendar Integration

Scheduling interviews can be a headache  for the recruiters. Aligning the availability of recruiters with candidates is a challenging task. To ensure a smooth execution of interviews, an interview scheduling software aligns the interviews in a table, keeping in mind the availability of the recruiters. 

The information regarding the scheduled interviews is stored and the access of it granted to the entire team, eliminating confusion and improving the efficiency. 

3. Meeting Configuration

To eliminate the chance of forecasting interviews getting delayed in case of an existing interview taking up a lot of time, this feature of interview scheduling software helps in configuring interviews. 

From scheduling the length of every interview to being able to set the think and answer time for each question, the tool offers numerous options that ensures the execution of interviews without any delays.

4. Multiple interviews at a time

Another feature of an interview scheduling software is it allows you to schedule more than one interview simultaneously. It seems chaotic to hear but the AI based tool makes sure the interviews are conducted smoothly. 

This feature helps in saving a ton of time and efforts of the manager, giving them time to focus on other essential areas of the organization.

5. Smooth Communication

An interview scheduling software also ensures a smooth communication between the recruiters and the candidates. It is a piece of cake now to communicate with each other about the important details regarding the interview. 

AI automatically sends out the interview link, reminders to the candidates and preparation material to the candidates. This feature ensures that no important information is left to be conveyed to the candidates and also takes the burden off the hiring team. 

6. Data Security

As much as beneficial the digital era is, it has flaws too. Cyber crime is increasing daily at a high rate making people more and more confused whether or not to share their data with anyone online. 

To make sure that the data of the candidates the company has is kept safe and away from the clutches of hackers, interview scheduling software has numerous cybersecurity installations. 

Robust firewalls, data encryption, password protection, malware detection, SQL injection, access control, and secure cloud servers. This feature also builds trust regarding the company among the candidates.

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Benefits of interview scheduling software

top interviw scheduling software in india

Knowing about the numerous features of an interview scheduling software, it obviously has a lot of benefits for your organization. Let us discuss them briefly:

1. Speeds the hiring process

As discussed above, use of an interview scheduling software helps in execution of the hiring process in a smooth and efficient manner. 

By screening out the candidates unfit for the job role to scheduling the interviews with a specified time period to eliminate delays, the AI based brings down the time invested in the process of hiring to half.

2. Enhances candidate experience

An interview scheduling software not only benefits the recruiters but also makes the process of hiring much easier and convenient to the candidates. By giving them the freedom to choose an interview slot based on their availability to provide them with essential materials to get prepped up for the interview. 

Interview scheduling software for sure enhances candidate experience. Also by speeding up the hiring process it helps in conveying the results to the candidates in less time saving a lot of their time.

3. Reminders

The tool sends up alerts/ reminders to the candidates as well as the interviewer reminding them about the scheduled interview. 

This eliminates the chance of either of them forgetting about the interview, saving both of their time and not messing up the schedule of further aligned interviews. It also saves the image of both as forgetting about an interview is extremely unprofessional and unethical.

4. Takes the burden off hiring team

From screening the unsuitable candidates to scheduling interviews, use of an interview scheduling software is the best choice an organization can make for its HR department.

The amount of features offered by an interview scheduling software that makes the hiring process so easy, lifts off an excess amount of burden from the backs of recruiters. 

Due to this, the managers can put their time and efforts in some other required area, increasing the efficiency of the organization.

5. Builds Reputation

With the growing modernization and technological advancements in today’s world, it’s crucial for every organization to be up to date. 

Lending behind in technological aspects might hinder the reputation of an organization. By adopting an interview scheduling software, it gives out an impression of the company being modern and professional, attracting more top skilled candidates towards your organization.

How to choose the best interview scheduling software?

As human resource is the most important part of an organization, the process of hiring the same must be perfect without any mistakes. It’s crucial to analyze each and every potential candidate in depth and choose the best fit for your organization.

The idea of choosing the ideal interview scheduling software for your company might be overwhelming and confusing but with proper research and knowledge, it won’t be much of a task.

Firstly identify the needs of your organization and compare it with the features of the best existing interview scheduling softwares in the market. Choose the one that has necessary features and fits the best with the terms and policies of your company.

To narrow it down for you, we have a list of top 8 interview scheduling softwares you must take into consideration.

List of top 8 Interview Scheduling Software in India

Zimyo is a leading software company known for #1 employee experience. With its unique software inbuilt with all the features one looks for, Zimyo is taking over the market rapidly. The company is rising like a phoenix with 1000+ companies onboard and much more on the way.

With well-established interview scheduling software, the burden of the HR team is minimized. From integration with job boards to automated joining letters, every need is taken care of with the help of this AI tool. 

Zimyo has been recognized as the leading HR software by the chief review platform G2 among many other titles such as most straightforward to use, high performer, fastest implementation, etc.

Over a period of time, the company has on boarded a good deal of clients, some of them being yash raj films, TVF, Burger singh, Amity University online, etc.

Along with marking its presence in the national market, Zimyo is now taking a toll on the international market, leading the way for many more success stories to tell.

Key Features

Applicant Tracking Software
Job Distribution
Job Boards
Hiring Panel
Perform actions in bulk
Offer letter templates
Personalized notifications/Alerts
Tie up with UIDAI(Aadhar Verification)
Better Communication
Customizable Workflows


Zimyo software services start at only Rs.60/- per employee per month. The plan can be customized according to the needs of your organization.

top interview scheduling software

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Zimyo ATS has interview scheduling too and recruitment process has never been easier.

2. Trakstar Hire

top interview scheduling software

Trakstar is a multi-product software provider with over 3000+ happy clients. The interview scheduling software of Trakstar hire is such an asset for any company, with its varied and unique features. It saves a ton of time for recruiters as well as the candidates by providing the freedom to the candidates to choose their own slots of the interview, according to their availability. This avoids the chance of cancellation, speeding up the hiring process and making the company’s work more efficient.

Some of the key features of Trakstar’s interview scheduling software are:

Key Features

Candidate auto response
Timely Alerts
Replicate recruitment workflow
Email filters
Collaborative hiring
Schedule interviews
Calendar integrations

3. InCruiter

top interview scheduling software

InCruiter is an online recruitment platform that was established in 2018. In such a short span, the company has received orders from significant MNCs and is proliferating. The company provides a tech-driven approach to its clients, leading them to hire the best fit for their company and build a strong team. All you have to do is create an interview event and invite the candidates and the managers, and the tool is responsible for the further steps.

Key features of the InCruiter interview scheduling software are:

Key Features

Easy scheduling
Advanced analytics
Map candidate slots
Panel management
Structure interview process
Capture interview feedback

4. Freshworks

top interview scheduling software

An easy-to-use interview scheduling software, making it fast and easy for the HR team to hire employees. The software is affordable and trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.

From scheduling interviews to making and managing offers, the interview scheduling software of Freshworks must be kept in consideration. 

Key Features:

Schedule interview
Collects feedback
Make and manage offer letters
Approve or reject candidates
Send pre-assessment tests
Auto schedule reminders

5. EddyHR

top interview scheduling software

Cloud-based human resource management solution that is adopted by various organizations for streamlining the onboarding and other various crucial processes performed in a company. The interview scheduling of this company is mainly for local businesses. This software also saves time by providing the power of self-scheduling interviews to the candidates.

Key Features

Digital offer letters
Hiring reports
Candidate communication
Job board posting
Job promotion
Candidate profile
Interview guides
Interview scheduling

6. Calendly

top interview scheduling software

Calendly is a modern scheduling platform, a software company that develops a communication platform to schedule external meetings in a streamlined manner.

Trusted by thousands of recruiters, it helps in making the hiring process more accessible and more sophisticated. With just a few clicks, meetings can be scheduled based on various time slots available.

Key Features

Unmatched security
Schedule interviews based on time slots
Book interviews directly from job portals
Integration with ATS
Manage data in statistics

7. GoHire

top ats software in india

GoHire has the best interview scheduling software with numerous features that satisfies the clients the most. It helps in saving time along with hiring the best possible candidates for the job profile.

Key Features

Applicant tracking system
Employee branding
Self scheduled interviews
Bulk interviews
Sync calendar
Multi site job posting

8. Paradox

top interview scheduling software

Paradox is an AI company that simplifies the process of hiring for its clients. Every task of the hiring process is taken care of in a streamlined and safe manner, minimizing the burden on the recruiters.

Key Features

Calendar integration
Automated interviews reminder
ATS agnostic
WCAG compliant
Unlimited interview scheduling
Dashboard for analytics
Real time video interviews
Automated rescheduling

Wrapping Up

Till now, you must be well aware of everything related to interview scheduling software. From its meaning and benefits to the best interview scheduling software to be kept in mind if looking for one, we have provided you with all the necessary information.

Interview scheduling software is a must-have for your organization to follow a path of success. Human resource plays the most important role in any business, and interview scheduling software ensures you choose the best ones from the crowd. Don’t delay anymore, and get your interview scheduling software services today.

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