How to Enhance Employee Experience in 2024

The pandemic has completely changed employee expectations and it’s important for employers to take note of this shift. Why?

Because, according to the Thrive XM Index 2020 report, companies that prioritised employee experience not only performed better once COVID hit, but grew. This supports the idea that a better employee experience yields better results overall.

A Towers Watson study was also able to find a link between employee experience (EX) and financial performance.

This points towards the fundamental belief that a good employee experience is at the heart of financial success. But, how can companies enhance employee experience in this new normal?

The Fundamentals of Employee Experience

Connection and contribution are the fundamentals of employee experience. Employees need to be able to connect with their colleagues and organisational purpose as well as feel they are contributing to the business and are being rewarded accordingly.

Here are ways that you can enhance employee experience in your organisation:

  • Listen and Respond

Listen to what your employees are saying. The more employees are heard, the more valued they feel. Create a constant feedback loop and use virtual tools to keep in touch with the sentiments of the workforce. 

Ensure that communication remains a two way street and establish a process that takes employee suggestions under consideration.

  • Organise Frequent Team Building Activities

Loneliness is a major concern for remote workers, according to Buffer.

Even if your team is working remotely, you should organise frequent virtual team-building activities. Quizzes, informal chats, Happy Hour @ home and more, can help form a connection and reduce the effects of physical distance in teams.

Team building needs to become a part of the HR strategy, instead of a one-off activity in the new normal. Virtual networking activities will enhance internal relationships.

  • Focus on Wellbeing

Work from home has almost eliminated the work-life balance that many had previously established. Prior to the pandemic, almost 77% of employees had experienced burnout at their full-time job. It is therefore crucial for HR and Managers to keep an eye on employee wellbeing and reach out to employees that may be struggling.

Research also found that more than 58% of employees would likely accept a job that offered a fitness and wellness package, the same number would also be more likely to stay in their current role if these benefits were offered.

Therefore in 2023, it is a good time to introduce a wellness strategy and package in your company, if you don’t have one already.

  • Build New Processes That are People Oriented

Instead of focusing on your traditional processes, focus on building new and improved processes that are hassle and hiccup free. Invest in technology that would make your employees’ lives easier and train them on how to use it to their advantage.

Don’t just invest in new technology that supposedly boosts productivity but doesn’t solve a problem.

Instead, speak to your employees and find out what resources would make their lives easier.

Would an automated feedback reminder software help them more than an app that removes distractions while working?

If yes, then invest in the automated feedback reminder software.

  • Give Constant Appreciation and Recognition

When your team is working remotely, it’s more important than ever to share organisational wins.

Communicate what is working well and appreciate and recognise employee contributions.

Positive reinforcement can go a long way in improving employee motivation and experience. Recognise and reward the efforts of your employees by providing them with virtual badges, coupons and create a leaderboard.

Create a structured employee recognition program  that helps employees become aware of how they’re contributing to business goals.

Recognise employees who are helping the team as well. Many times collaborative workers are left out, and only individual contributions are rewarded.

  • Invest in Digital Learning Resources

Employees need to feel that they have the resources to explore new learning opportunities. It’s never been easier to access professional development resources online. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to invest in digital learning resources.

HR should take out time to research and compile a list of options for employees and Managers to make personalised recommendations. This will help employees feel that their development is important to the company.

Such a structure will also benefit employees as each recommendation would be specifically tailored to their career goals.

All of the above would help you enhance the employee experience so that your employees say:

“I’m achieving my potential”
“I have a say in what we do”
“I feel supported”
I trust leadership and they trust me”

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