How is Employee Attendance Management Software useful?

These days a lot of technological changes are taking place. Business organizations are gradually adapting themselves with these changes so that they would not be left behind in excessive competition in the market. One of those changes is the shift from the manual method of tracking time and attendance towards using software for doing the same. In the traditional method of attendance management, manual records were made involving a lot of paperwork whereas Attendance Management System will perform the same tasks digitally for the organization with great ease and in no time.    

HR Software has numerous applications whose functions are much beyond just recording the arrival and departure time of employees. Attendance Management System automates communication, forms a single interface for complete data, acts as a shift planner, helps in integration and aggregation of attendance data, sends necessary notifications to the workforce, and gives the scope of self-service in an organization to its employees through ESS Portal. Other than performing these functions there are many benefits associated with it which people aren’t even aware of. So let’s discuss how is employee attendance management software is useful for an organization:

Tax and benefits

Attendance Software not only ensures that employees are being paid properly but also makes sure that in conjunction with the payroll software, it diminishes all possibilities of potential errors while filing taxes. It also maintains proper records of employee benefits like vacation leaves, additional time offs, etc. through which it reduces the burden of the HR department and increases productivity in the organization.

Simplifies Payroll Process

In the case of the manual system of payroll management, employee timesheets had to be filled in every two weeks and frequent submission of punch-cards was required. After this, one or more managers had to review those submitted records and then send it to the payroll department after deciphering different handwritings. Only those who are engaged in this work know how troublesome and irritating it could be. But when you have attendance management system at your service, then employees clock in and out through digital means, and their working can be reviewed instantaneously by managers. It can easily integrate with payroll and HRMS systems thereby simplifying the calculation of employee wages.

Prevents Lawsuits

Time and attendance tracking Software offer the digital record of employees’ time that acts as proof that an organization has duly paid all employees for the hours they worked. In addition to it, during safety audits, Attendance Software supports the firm for proving that the right number and combination of employees get hired at appropriate times as handmade records might not be as long-lasting and durable as digital ones.

Increased employee satisfaction

At first, employees might not feel comfortable adapting themselves with the new technology but once they get familiar with the working of Attendance Management Software, then their protests will quickly disappear after learning how easy it is to use. Their working will get more streamlined. The automated features of the time and attendance tracking system will diminish the chances of errors that they might commit. Employees also enjoy access to their leaves and benefits-related information for which they would have to ask HR managers in-person in a traditional attendance system. Even for employees use of Attendance Management Software is much more convenient than a manual system.

Decreased workload and pressure

As more and more organizations are heading towards the Cloud Attendance Management Software, everyone who is involved in the payroll approval process- from senior managers to executives is relieved from heavy workload to a great extent. It facilitates frequent traveling of workers by easily tracking their time. It also updates expense reports without extra paperwork which is a great relief in itself. It to review employee work history and relevant reports from any desktop or mobile device they carry at any location like their home, office, or a coffee shop with the only requirement of an Internet connection. 

Time and Attendance Tracking software has always turned out to be one of the best decisions of the organizations that have chosen it for their attendance management. It is renowned for being a great help in employee data management and their scheduling their shifts. Employee attendance management software is useful and is more desirable among companies. Gone are the times when the HR department was always drowned in paperwork and documents. Today with the help of Attendance tracking System organizations have evolved to a great extent and are matching the pace of developing technology.   

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