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Top 10 Recruitment Software in India

A powerful cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software to hire top-tier candidates

Your window to the list of best recruitment softwares in India. Choose the one that aligns perfectly with your organization.

With technological advancements on the rise, every aspect of hiring processes has been affected. The recruitment process is a lot different than it used to be. With major tech developments, people now seek apps, software, and social platforms to hire new talents. A reliable way of portraying your recruitment processes’ authenticity is to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The top recruitment software in India are mentioned in this article.

Applicant Tracking Software helps in automate the recruitment process. From administering the job postings, and receiving applications, to candidate information, and applicant communications.

A unique set of characteristics place recruitment software on a higher pedestal than everyone else in the market. Quality recruitment software is user-friendly, changes and adapts to its surroundings, and helps in recruiting the best candidates in a short time.

The features of an Applicant Tracking System depend on the needs of an organization. Companies with modest recruitment generally work with only the basic features. 

Enterprise-level entities and recruiting firms require a lot more features to handle recruitment from job requisition to onboarding other than just the basic features.

Zimyo, thoroughly analyzed the top contenders across dozens of data points and discovered the 10 best Applicant Tracking Software in India that are rising to the top. Along the way, we considered several characteristics such as features and flexibility, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and quality of customer support offered.

Our exhaustive review process audited the vital and advanced features that should be present in recruitment software. After getting the analytics, certain providers rose above the crowded pool of recruitment software.

1) Zimyo

Being one of the highest-rated solutions in the market, Zimyo without a doubt is one of the best recruitment management software in India for businesses of all sizes. From small and newly established businesses to evolved and thriving enterprises.

Recruitment software streamlines every step of the hiring process and makes it faster and more efficient. From finding the right candidates for relevant positions to taking the candidates toward onboarding. Zimyo recruitment software allows recruiters to hire the right people without any difficulties.

Our onboarding software makes the induction process a cakewalk by administering all joining formalities beforehand. Relieve your HR managers from the frustration of juggling endless documents and getting multiple forms signed on the first day of joining. Make a lasting first impression on your new hires by providing an automated onboarding experience.

Our integrations with top job boards such as Naukri.com, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Dr. Jobs, etc., make the job posting on multiple platforms at once easily possible. Zimyo recruitment software schedules interviews provide you with offer letters and other HR templates, extinguishes all paperwork, and makes onboarding smooth and effortless.

Track and monitor the candidates at every stage of the recruitment process to make sure the recruitment process is transparent and unbiased. Define a hiring pipeline of your own to recruit top-quality talents with smart skills from the industry talent pools.

zimyo recruit

Features of top recruitment software in India

Integrations with top job boards Interview scheduling
Resume parsing Perform bulk actions
Job postings HR Templates
Automated Email Responses Data Storage
Continuous Feedback Easy Collaboration
Define Control Requisition Raising
Personalized Notifications Craft offer letters
Scorecard Job description library
Rich candidate profiles Career pages
Talent search Dynamic Workflow
Candidate management Employee onboarding
Requisition Multiple job applications
Smart Recruitment Multiple Job Applications
Positive Candidate Experience Minimal Droupout
Dynamic Workflow Automated Profile Mapping

Basic- ₹6000 per month

• Up to 2 Recruiters

• Unlimited Jobs

• Smart Eligibility Criteria

• Interview Scheduling with Google Meet & Zoom

• Automatic Sync Interview With Google & Outlook Calendar

Standard- ₹12000 per month

• Up to 5 Recruiters

• Customized Career Site

• Access to All (Free + Paid) job boards

• Talent Pool Management

• Custom Hiring Team

• Customized Hiring Pipeline

• Email Library

• JD Library

• Pre-on-boarding documents kits

• Vendor Management

• Blacklisted Candidate


top interview scheduling software

Recruit high-quality candidates with Zimyo Applicant Tracking Software.

2) Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking software that caters to the difficulties that are faced by recruiters. A complete pack of solutions for both internal and external hiring.

Zoho Recruit helps you trace, monitor, and hire the best talents, without roaming several different sites at once.

Tailor your workday and automate processes like sending emails, refreshing interview status, etc. All reports and analytics are at your disposal to plan better hiring strategies.

Zoho Recruit’s recruitment software and talent acquisition system is fabricated by keeping the modern workforce in mind. It helps you hire top-tier candidates faster and better.

Features of best recruitment software

Data driven decisions Candidate Profiles
Integrations with top job boards Activity Tracking
API Calendar Sync
Alerts and Notifications Careers Page
Customizable Reports Job Posting
Data driven decisions Interview Management
Integrations Onboarding
Assessment tools Referral Tracking
Data driven decisions Resume Database
Business process blueprint Workflow Management

Pricing- Free Trial for 15 days

Free Edition – $0

Standard Edition – $25/recruiter/month.

Professional Edition – $50/recruiter/month

Enterprise Edition – $75/recruiter/month

Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available.

3) TurboHire

TurboHire provides users with an AI-driven Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) that helps enterprises of all sizes to streamline and manage hiring workflows with automated processes and machine learning. 

The recruitment software possesses various features such as one-click job marketing, that enables job postings on integrated job boards all at once. 

TurboHire also enables the building of smart candidate brands for evaluation and streamlining communication with hiring managers and other candidates.

Features of top recruitment software

Activity Dashboard Activity Tracking
Applicant Tracking Application Management
Background Screening Boolean Search
Customizable Templates Email Management
Customizable Reports Job Posting
Job Requisition Interview Management
Resume Parsing Onboarding
Self Session Portal Configurable Workflow


User licensing-based tiered pricing to suit all types of organizations, starting from:

Basic – $45/user/month

Pro – $65/user/month

Premium – $99/user/month

Enterprise – Get a quote

4) GoHire ATS

With GoHire’s modern-day and streamlined applicant tracking system, your hiring process will revamp itself to a better version than ever before, within a few days. 

Take control of your recruitment pipeline. Manage job postings and tracking, review candidates, and schedule interviews in minimal time, without much effort. GoHire amalgamates with your website, social channels, and job boards easily.

Automate all labor-intensive tasks, set roles, and permissions, publish jobs on multiple job boards, overview and evaluate every candidate in one place – the dashboard. Focus on hiring the best talents from the industry talent pools for your business.

Features of best recruitment software in India

Activity Dashboard Self Service Portal
Job Posting Candidate Tracking
Background Screening Reporting/Analytics
Customizable Templates Email Management
Customizable Reports Data Import/Export
Job Requisition Interview Scheduling
Resume Search Onboarding
Careers Page Configurable Workflow


Pricing is available on monthly and annual subscriptions:

Early-stage – £39 per month – unlimited

Starter – £49 per month for 3 active jobs

Growth – £99 per month for 7 active jobs

Pro – £149 per month for 20 active jobs

5) Talent Pool

Talentpool is a cloud-based recruitment and applicant tracking software that’s designed to make a name for itself in the list of top recruitment software in India. Tools for job requisitions, resume sourcing, candidate management, interview scheduling, and much more are available for every customer.

Talentpool enables users to set up multiple job requisition approval workflows, for the various standard requisition types raised across an organization. Recruiters can create positions using job templates. Applications can be received through several channels like job boards, walk-ins, internal job postings, marketing campaigns, etc.

Individual and even multiple job resumes can be imported from job boards into Talentpool’s digital database. Resumes can be received in several formats such as web pages, email, excel sheets, etc.

Features of best recruitment software

Workflow Management Third Party Integrations
Reminders Pipeline Management
Background Screening Statistics & Reporting
Interview conduction Internal HR
Customizable Reports Candidate Tracking
Real Time Reporting Job Posting
Customizable Templates Onboarding
Assessment Management Email Marketing



Contact the Sales Team for more information.

6) FreshTeam

Freshteam is one of the best recruitment software in India for every type of business. With Freshteam as your go-to solution for hiring, you can recruit and onboard quality talents, offboard employees memorably and manage every employee’s data and time  – everything in one place.

Freshteam helps in finding the best talents through various job boards – a quick and tailored career site, integration with job sites, and social media platforms. The filters segregate job emails and other official emails so that important mails don’t get mixed up.

After the onboarding, the teams can work with the hiring managers to screen and interview the new hires. Feedback can be shared along with notes for each other. Recruit and roll out offers to select and hire the best talents.

Features of top recruitment software

Job Application Management Employee Handbook
Employee Database Customizable Fields
Calendar Sync Candidate Management
Commenting / Notes Employee Management
Job Posting Interview Scheduling
Compensation Management Boolean Search
Applicant Tracking Candidate Search
Resume Selection Job Requisition



Contact the Sales Team for more information.

7) Oorwin

AI-driven recruitment solution that amalgamates resourcing, hiring, and onboarding of new candidates with integrated talent management.

Oorwin boosts internal as well as external productivity and the effectiveness of the recruitment process. This significantly reduces the hiring time of a new candidate.

The screening pipeline in their recruitment software helps recruiters access candidates’ ranks to decide whom to contact first based on the skills and roles of candidates.

Oorwin enables customers to run several recruitment models for individual hiring by developing types of hiring, giving access roles to steps, and adding tailored hiring stages.

Features of top recruitment software in India

Access Controls / Permissions Activity Tracking
Background Screening Alerts / Escalations
Background Screening Resume Parsing
Job Postings Career Development
Candidate Management Job Boards
Reminder System Candidate Profiles
Activity Tracking Careers Page
Chat / Messaging Advertising Management



Contact the Sales Team for more information.

8) TalentRecruit

TalentRecruit is one of the most comprehensive AI-enabled recruitment software with automated onboarding.

An advanced applicant tracking software, powered by machine learning capabilities that rank and auto-suggest matches while helping organizations track, evaluate, engage, and onboard the best candidate.

Build top-class teams with an end-to-end enterprise-ready hiring platform.

Features of best recruitment software

Employee Database Employee Onboarding
API Reminders
Third Party Integrations Recruitment Management
Self Service Portal Reporting & Statistics
Real Time Reporting Configurable Workflows
Reminders Task Management
Compliance Management Customizable Templates
CustomizableBranding Collaboration Tools


Charges are based on the;

– Number of Users, 

– Modules Taken, 

– Quarterly/Annual Payment. 


Please contact TalentRecruit for more details.

9) Recooty

Recooty covers all aspects of the recruitment life cycle, from posting on job boards to hiring and onboarding. HR leaders use the software to streamline talent acquisition and automate tasks.

The applicant-tracking feature reviews and shortlists potential candidates from a central cloud-based dashboard. Furthermore, the applicant tracking system automatically schedules interviews with candidates to save precious time.

Recooty software maintains the industry standards for data privacy and protection rights when it comes to the recruitment process. The software also provides customizations to manage the hiring process and the applicant database.


Features of top recruitment software in India

Onboarding Internal Chat Integrations
Email Management Email Templates
Social Media Integrations Interview Scheduling
Resume Parsing Built-in ATS
Job Marketplace Resume Posting
Candidate Profiles Onboarding
Resume Storage Interview Management
Task Management Careers Page


It is also available at $49/month with additional features.

10) TalentOrb

TalentOrb is one of the best next generation ATS driven by modern-day technology. TalentOrb provides one of the greatest resourcing experiences and a comprehensive platform that looks after the requisition life cycle from hiring to on-boarding.


Features of best recruitment software in India

Document Management Email Integrations
Bulk Resume Parsing Applicant Tracking
Resume Database Job Requisition and Posting
Onboarding Workflow Management
Background Screening Reference Checking
User Activity Monitoring Key Performance Indicators
Customizable Templates Dashboard
Self Service Portal Multi-user Login



Contact the Sales Team for more information.

Summing Up

We certainly have come a long way from the old-school ways of resume writing and application. The change was necessary as well, with changing times. Recruitment software in India and everywhere around the globe have evolved at a breakneck speed.

Organizations like Zimyo have been on this path of automation and an AI-driven culture since long. They’re providing ways to managers to hire better and for employees to find better opportunities. It’s a mind-boggling fact that there was a time when people found jobs from the “Help Wanted” section of the newspaper. It’s amazing how far automation and AI have brought us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recruiters make use of various ATS Software such as Zimyo, Darwinbox, Keka, Zoho etc.

In India, several ATS Software are used with range of features to help businesses improve their efficiency.

An ATS is a software that helps organizations to hire candidates and make overall recruitment process smooth.

Linkedin is the best networking platform for recruiters and candidates to get their desired jobs.

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