Learning and Growing As A Professional- By Amatullah Chakki

Life at Zimyo has been really interesting so far. The entire team which we refer to as Tribe has been really wonderful, be it in terms of work or fun sessions.  From having a secret Santa to playing truth and dare virtually, it’s fun being with the team after office hours as well.  Coming to the learning part of the organization, I must say that I have learned the most vital skill, i.e, CONFIDENCE while handling or managing clients. My team and the immediate manager have helped me gain that confidence at times when even I wasn’t confident enough about myself to take up the challenges and workload.  I joined the organization as a customer success executive but I keenly wanted to be a part of the Customer Success team. And I am thankful that after evaluating my performance for a few weeks, the team realized my potential and moved me into the customer management team. The learnings I got from the customer support department have been really helpful for me in my current role as well.  It’s been an interesting place to work around some dedicated and ambitious people who inspire me every single day to give my best. Looking forward to keeping working with this amazing team. 

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