The Entity Mix-Up- By Manisha Mehlawat

Officially it’s been one and a half years of my association with Zimyo, but I have known these people for more than 2.5 years. It was my first day at Edgy Scribblers (my previous organization) when I first met Ajay, Mayank, Balram, Jaspreet, Kamil, Manish, Balaji. In fact, it was Ajay who welcomed me into the organization. And you won’t believe it, but for the first few weeks, I didn’t know that Zimyo is a separate entity and I work for a different company. 

Somebody from my team lifted the lid on and told me that the people from Zimyo weren’t a part of our organization. I was really shocked because these people had been so welcoming and made me feel involved and belonged, I didn’t even realize that they were not from my company. But even after this I always felt close to Zimyo, as if my heart belonged to these people. I remember the first time they got the funding. It was early January and they were celebrating this big achievement and I was standing there in the corner both happy and sad at the same time. 

Manisha Mehlawat, Zimyo
A glimpse of fun events at Zimyo

I was happy that they were growing but I was sad too because I knew that now they would leave Hartron and would move to some other place. It was at that time I realized how much I value these people. The regular motivational messages that Mayank often delivered to his team, the enthusiasm with which the team entered the office, the passion with which they were building the product, and of course the fun they had while turning their dreams into reality made me want to be a part of this amazing organization. 

And finally one day I joined this organization as a Content Specialist and from day one I have been learning and growing. Not a single day goes by when I am not thankful for being part of this company. The love and opportunities I have received from this company are beyond my expectations. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I am sure that no matter where I go, a part of my heart will always be with Zimyo.


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