7 Unique Ways To Deal With Workplace Negativity

Workplace negativity is the hideous villain residing in every nook and corner of organisations across the world!  This invisible enemy is the ultimate virus responsible for the loss of health and enthusiasm in employees to keep up the good work. In fact, negativity breeding in the workplace can be so heinous that it can shatter employee morale and performance into pieces. If ignored, this could trigger catastrophic team situations, damage organizational reputation, and brand value.
Workplace Negativity

The Harsh Reality!

The harsh reality is that no organization is immune from workplace tensions. While you must already be feeling so much negativity going through it but worry not! HR leaders are the ones who can help you get rid of workplace negativity. An HR who is adept at driving workplace harmony knows that the only way to have a happy work environment is to cultivate proximity within the workforce, and foster a work culture that promotes a sense of safety and openness amongst employees. There are several ways that HR managers employ to add a magic touch of positivity to work environments. Here, we discuss some of these top strategies – Lack of communication A key reason why tensions arise in the workplace is that there’s no ground for open and safe communication. Due to this, employees may keep their thoughts to themselves because they fear that speaking openly may invite unnecessary negative consequences.
Ineffective Employee Communication
As a result, valuable insights and ground-level realities are laid down. While employees resist airing their views in open forums, they open up more during one-on-ones and team interactions. It is therefore important to organize periodic meetings between employees and HR managers.  Situations such as employee grievance meetings and exit interviews also provide a base for employees to share their concerns over workplace issues. Given that the modern workforce increasingly consists of millennials who are tech-savvy- they use mobile-based chat tools and apps for communication as well as a 360-degree feedback system to expand the channel for information and inputs.  Equal Growth Opportunity for Everyone Conflicts and negativity often arise between team members when competition is at a peak level. It is not uncommon to see employees feel insecure about their prospects for growth.
Equal Growth Opportunities
Providing opportunities to employees for increased learning and collaborative efforts, through job rotations and certification programs can be the best course of action. It helps employees access wide-ranging skills and offer them a sense of power over their career prospects. When they get adequate support from their supervisors and HR managers in making career choices that are central to them, employees believe that the organization has their best interest, and are more receptive to organizational decisions.  This helps prevent negativity and promotes greater cooperation for work-related goals. TTF: Trust, Transparency, and Fairness  While change is seen for the better in today’s business context –it can ward off discontentment and unease within employee groups. Underground rumors related to impending layoffs, salary deductions, and deferred promotions can wreak havoc on employees’ mental health and willingness to get the job done.
Transparency and Trust
The need of the hour is that leaders stay perceptive of employee needs and communicate with honesty to help them feel valued.  It also establishes a common base for constructive conversations around potentially difficult issues such as pay cuts, downsizing, and redeployment to secure the business. As employees feel a sense of satisfaction for being a part of an organization that embraces fairness and honesty, they stay respectful of the work environment and culture. It is Never Too Late to Coach Managers  It is common knowledge that employees look up to their immediate manager. When they have a positive rapport with their manager, they also experience positive feelings about the workplace.
Train Your Managers
It is important that managers have the necessary skills to make their employees feel included, and valued at the job. For this, managers need to be better communicators, to equitably distribute and manage work, provide the right context for communicating management decisions, guide employees to make quality choices, and demonstrate greater empathy and support for employee-related concerns.

Include Recognition as a Part of Meaningful Appreciation

Rolling a reward and recognition system that is in sync with employees’ personal goals and aspirations is vital to bring in workplace harmony. When employees feel their contribution is recognized inadequately or rewarded unfairly, they are likely to feel considerably low and drop-down energy levels from 100% to 0%.
Employee Recognition
Ensuring reward systems that are meaningful to support employee aspirations boasts a level of confidence and trust, and is undoubtedly the key to a positive work environment. Cut out the Word “Favoritism” from Your Organization Favoritism is one such shady term that can never result in anybody’s favor. Worst of all, it can be a trigger point behind loss of motivation and feelings of resentment in your employees. As a result, employee loyalty lessens, and a negative attitude grows in all spheres. 
No Employee Favoritism
Therefore, it is more important than ever to prevent favoritism and ensure that work policies are followed by all the employees who are an active part of the organization. Understand Their Needs Just like You Understand Yours Understanding is the keyword to help you learn about your employee needs. Lend a hand to help them overcome their professional struggles. Ignoring their problems and making them work round the clock can do more harm than any good. It can actually slit their motivation and capability to focus on the day-to-day tasks. 
Understanding Employee Needs


Workplace negativity is a common disease that can make your organization suffer. It can kill employee morale and stoop employees’ energy to a low level. Dealing with demotivated and unhappy employees can be contagious for your mental health and well-being in return. With these tips as a cure, we hope to help you prevent this negativity, and build a happy, productive, and positive work environment.
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