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Minimum Wages in Punjab 2024

Check the latest minimum wages for Punjab region

Punjab Minimum: 2024 - 2025

Class of Employment Total Per Day Total Per Month
Unskilled ₹412.95 ₹10736.75
Semi-Skilled ₹442.95 ₹11516.75
Skilled ₹477.45 ₹12413.75
Highly Skilled ₹517.14 ₹13445.75
Staff Category Total Per Day Total Per Month
Staff Category-A ₹597.06 ₹15,523.77
Staff Category-B ₹532.83 ₹13853.77
Staff Category-C ₹475.14 ₹12353.77
Staff Category-D ₹428.99 ₹11153.77

Minimum wages refers to “the minimum amount of renumeration paid by the employer to their employees for the work performed by them.”

The government revised minimum wages for Punjab for skilled, semi-skilled ,unskilled and highly skilled individuals for 2024.

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