Minimum Wages in Delhi

Check the latest minimum wages for Delhi

Delhi Minimum Wages effective from Date: 1st October,
2022 - 2023

Class of Employment Class of workers Basic Per Month VDA Per Month Total Per Day Total Per Month
Unskilled NA ₹14842.00 ₹2652.00 ₹673.00 ₹17494.00
Semi-skilled NA ₹16341.00 ₹2938.00 ₹742.00 ₹19279.00
Skilled NA ₹17991.00 ₹3224.00 ₹816.00 ₹21215.00
Clerical And Supervisory Staff Non Matriculates ₹16341.00 ₹2938.00 ₹742.00 ₹19279.00
Clerical And Supervisory Staff Matriculates But Not graduates ₹17991.00 ₹3224.00 ₹816.00 ₹21215.00
Clerical And Supervisory Staff Graduates And Above ₹19572.00 ₹3510.00 ₹88.00 ₹23082.00

Minimum wages refers to “the minimum amount of renumeration paid by the employer to their employees for the work performed by them.”

The government revised minimum wages for Delhi for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled individuals. The effective rate will be applicable from October 1, 2023.  Moreover, Delhi has the highest minimum wage rate as compared to other states. The hike was done so that people can overcome from inflation to some extent.

For skilled workers there was an increase of ₹312, for semi-skilled it was ₹286 increase whereas for unskilled there was an hike of ₹260.

Despite minimum wages are set by government, still many individual didn’t get the minimum amount from their employer.  Moreover, individuals should get dearness allowance along with these minimum wages as set by Central and State Government.

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