Sales Team

Our OKR templates will enable your organization to accomplish all the fundamental missions. Track, measure, and evaluate your teams’ achievements in an organized and well-structured manner.

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Sales teams work with numbers every single day.

Any new sales, number of demos given and meetings held, churn rates, MRR, or sales calls are usual business metrics that the majority of the sales teams keep in their sight and aim for.

The numbers provided are just KPIs or metrics that help understand how your team is performing.

But these KPIs don’t clearly show where a team needs improvement. You want the sales numbers to be skyrocketing, but how?

That’s where OKRs come into the picture, the goal-setting tool used by sales teams and all the other departments in an organization. The sales OKRs motivate the team as a whole and help attain ambitious goals with measurable results.

Setting OKRs enables sales professionals to set objectives and their key results to explain the roadmap toward success. The method also allows check-ins, weekly or monthly, to measure the results till date to connect to the bigger picture.

The sales OKR examples below will help you in brainstorming and give you an overview of how to set OKRs for your sales team:


Increase the demo success rate by 20%

Key Results:
  • Do 80 product demos on an average every week
  • Increase the conversion rate – SQL to opportunity by 15%

Strengthen the pre-sales processes

Key Results:
  • Control the initial response time below 5 minutes for at least 90% of the leads
  • Improve MQL to SQL conversion rate from 60% to 80%
  • Attend at least two enterprise sales training every month

Increase the customer user-base

Key Results:
  • Boost the count of paid users from 4K to 10K
  • Increase the inbound sales lead conversion rate from 10% to 25%
  • Improve the amount of outbound leads rate from 40 to 150.

Develop new and quality-level partnership channels

Key Results:
  • Establish partnerships with 5 new organizations in this quarter.
  • Generate approximately INR 80-90lakhs revenue through the partners
  • Hire 3 managers for liasoning and nurturing relationships with stakeholders.

Grow the sales through the partner sources by 40%

Key Results:
  • Develop a fresh partnership contract and proposal
  • Sign up with 10 new channel partners within 3 months

Achieve 20% more of the current monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

Key Results:
  • Increase the MRR from ____ to ____
  • Improve the annual subscription renewals from 60% to 80%
  • Decrease the monthly churns from 8% to 2%