Research and Development (R&D) Team

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R&D OKR Template

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It’s next to impossible for research teams to accurately predict what they will discover and when. If they had the answer in advance, research wouldn’t be needed. It would just be the usual business.

When setting OKRs for your research teams, keep in mind not to predict how and when you’ll make breakthroughs. Instead, commit to improving how you’ll make any breakthrough.

Mentioned below are some R&D team OKR examples to give you an overview of how to set goals for your teams.


Create technological strategies to boost the long term position of the company

Key Results:
  • Stay ahead of the industry trends in order to develop superior products
  • Attend at least 6 workshops annually to understand and keep up with the industry trends

Take measures to increase the product’s quality

Key Results:
  • Decrease the number of critical bugs by 20%
  • Improve the stability of performance from 35% to 45%
  • Maintain a FAQ sheet which will ease the optimization of the product for the customers

Create a quality level R & D team

Key Results:
  • Hire 3 new R & D team members by the end of next month
  • Document all the performance metrics for all individual contributions
  • Improve the knowledge and skill sets of employees by conducting at least one training session every 3 months with 100% attendance.

Launch a high-quality beta of the product

Key Results:
  • Coordinate with the marketing team to ensure that at least 20% of clientele try the new product
  • Get the NPS (Net Promoter Score, which assesses customer loyalty) to an 8

Get in-touch with the marketing team to understand the customer requirements

Key Results:
  • Conduct a meeting with marketing team at the start of of every quarter to understand the customer base
  • Maintain a record of clients’ requirements versus the product in pipeline, and review it every quarter