Operations Team

Our OKR templates will enable your organization to accomplish all the fundamental missions. Track, measure, and evaluate your teams’ achievements in an organized and well-structured manner.

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The operations team supports the business by being a vital cog in the wheel. Several metrics are available for the operations team deemed necessary for any business.

The smooth running of an operations team is equal to a business running seamlessly. Therefore, it gets more important to align operations OKRs in accordance with organizational goals.

Mentioned below are some operations team OKR examples to give you an overview of how to set goals for your teams.


Develop and maintain a world-class office space

Key Results:
  • Transfer all the client and company documents to the cloud
  • Decrease the expenditure on office supplies 12%
  • Choose and implement a new platform for sharing documents and information

Develop a quality company culture for the workforce

Key Results:
  • Boost the employee retention rate to a 92%
  • Start practicing the new onboarding process
  • Conduct a work satisfaction survey every two months for the entire workforce
  • Reach at least a 90% in the average work satisfaction

Elevate the audience and engagement on social media platforms.

Key Results:
  • Streamline the processes of company approvals
  • Ensure that all executives arrive at scheduled meetings and events on time
  • Implement a training program every 4 months for admin staff

Improve the management of documents internally

Key Results:
  • Select and implement a new document sharing platform
  • Transfer 100% of existing documents from file servers on to the new system

Develop an effective contract management process

Key Results:
  • Decrease the time of negotiations of contracts from X days to Y days
  • Minimize the potential risks by contract review before the end of next month

Develop a workspace with high standards and maintain it.

Key Results:
  • Ensure all the office supplies are available to everyone at anytime
  • Decrease the amount spent on office supplies by 10%