Marketing OKR Template

Our OKR templates will enable your organization to accomplish all the fundamental missions. Track, measure, and evaluate your teams’ achievements in an organized and well-structured manner.

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Marketing teams always aspire for more quality leads. The tricky part here is – how are they going to get those leads?

That’s where OKRs come into the picture. The goal-setting tool is used by marketing and all other departments in an organization. OKRs assist in setting challenging yet ambitious goals with measurable results.

Whether you’re revamping your SERP and displays or SEO is your focal point – marketing OKRs are developed. They assist you in tracking your progress, creating alignment, and encouraging engagement with the goals.

Browse through the marketing OKR examples below to get an overview of how you can set OKRs for your own marketing teams and how to achieve those objectives in accordance.


Drive the number of organic marketing leads by 50%

Key Results:
  • Boost the form submissions on the landing page by 40%
  • Increase the Ebooks and Case Studies from ___ to ___
  • Enhance the downloads of whitepapers by 30%

Increase the daily traffic on blogs to 10k visitors

Key Results:
  • Plan and implement a keyword strategy for the next two months
  • Improve the rankings of blogs to top 3 on SERP
  • Secure 50 do-follow backlinks from quality websites with high D/A

Elevate the audience and engagement on social media platforms.

Key Results:
  • Boost the number of followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc., from 10k to 25k.
  • Increase the number of monthly posts shared on social media, from 8 to 15.
  • Elevate the number of shared posts and comments from 40 to 90.

Improve the performance of the company’s website.

Key Results:
  • Make our website pages more mobile friendly
  • Replace the static images with tailor-made visuals and graphics for 20 web pages
  • Add 10 web pages with relevant infographics.

Improve the SEO rating and traffic on the website

Key Results:
  • Increase the amount of referral traffic from 5k to 10k in two months
  • Add 200 new referring domains
  • Decrease the bounce rate from 55% to 40%

Create a leading brand with quality communication and awareness

Key Results:
  • Develop new Ad campaigns and reach a million viewers.
  • Release bi-weekly press releases with top-notch publications.
  • Hold a webinar every month with 100+ active attendees.
  • Boost the number of website visits by 500 through guest blogs and article pieces.