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Retail Trainer | Job Description Template

To instruct our salespeople utilizing a variety of techniques, including coaching, seminars, and interactive activities, we are seeking a retail trainer. 

The duties of a retail trainer include developing training curricula that fill in knowledge gaps, teaching new hires presentation and persuasive skills, and simulating sales scenarios. Be aware that this position necessitates frequent trips to our regional retail outlets to collaborate closely with our salespeople. 

In the end, you’ll make sure that our teams improve their product and sales knowledge, deliver top-notch customer service, and best represent our brand.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • Education, human resources, or a related field BSc 
  • A plus is additional training certification.
  • work experience as a sales trainer, retail trainer, or in a position similar 

Skills Required for the job 

  • Possibility to travel and visit our retail outlets as needed Experience in the retail business 
  • Ability to oversee the entire training process, including using e-learning tools and doing in-person activities 
  • Excellent presentation skills The capacity to inspire staff to meet sales quotas 

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and carry out sales teams’ orientation programs. 
  • Provide new hires with onboarding training, and assist salespeople with any issues they may be having at work by acting as a consultant. 
  • Give new members of the sales team mentors and coaches. 
  • Watch how salespeople and cashiers deal with customers to spot areas that could want improvement. 
  • Identify the teams’ and individuals’ training needs. 
  • Plan role-playing exercises to model challenging client situations (e.g. how to overcome objections) 
  • instruct salespeople on how to cross-sell goods and services 
  • Use a variety of sales training methods (e.g. gamification, case studies and group activities) 
  • Keep current records of the training materials and program.

Company Offerings

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