Sales Trainer | Job Description Template

To create and provide educational programs for our sales teams, we are searching for a sales trainer. 

The duties of a sales trainer include creating learning materials, conducting skills gap evaluations, and reviewing the outcomes of each training session. In this position, you will collaborate directly with our salespeople to pinpoint problems they encounter at work and suggest solutions to boost output. 

In the end, you’ll contribute to improving our sales teams’ overall effectiveness and ensuring they have the abilities to accomplish their objectives.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • A BSc in education, human resources, or a related discipline is preferred. Additional certification in training is also an asset.
  • Proven work history as a sales trainer or other related position 

Skills Required for the job

  • A plus is having previous experience in sales. 
  • Being able to oversee the entire training learning, encompassing both in-person and online training 
  • practical knowledge of e-learning platforms 
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • strong presentation and communication skills 

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze skills gaps to find areas for development 
  • Create training programs with consideration for time and money restrictions 
  • Create printed and online educational materials (e.g. videos and case studies) 
  • bring in fresh salespeople 
  • Organize team and individual performance assessment meetings to go over strengths and problems. 
  • track sales goals and outcomes 
  • Gather opinions regarding training courses from trainees and managers. 
  • Report on the results of training initiatives (e.g. sales achieved) 
  • Organize lectures in coordination with outside trainers or business specialists. 
  • Keep current records of training materials, courses, and expenses.

Company Offerings

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